White Privilege Doesn’t Exist

This is one of my first uploads from quite a ways back, almost 2 years ago, but it’s still relevant – maybe more now than ever given the left-wing riots plaguing the nation.

12 thoughts on “White Privilege Doesn’t Exist

  1. Here’s what I’ll say about white privilege. If you’ve never had to fight for your rights, I’d say you probably have white privilege. As a white man myself, I’ve never had to fight for any of them. Gays? Blacks? Hispanics? Women? I think they’d beg to differ.


    1. You think you’ve never had to fight for your rights because you’re white? Probably has more to do with the fact that you’re an American (I’m assuming you are). And that’s the case for blacks, gays, Hispanics, women, and all the rest of America. Maybe not in the distant past, but certainly in the present tense. This white privilege nonsense is pure fiction, only conceivable reason to push it as far as I can tell is to justify pushing the concept of black privilege. I don’t believe in privileges, not for any group identity, I believe in individual rights and equal treatment & opportunities under the law.


    2. And think about the way you phrase that last part. You list it off a bunch of groups, and asserted that they might beg to differ. Those groups are all made up of individuals, some of them would beg to differ, but some of them wouldn’t. Never heard of Candace Owens? Kanye West? Bryson Gray? Rob Smith? Dave Rubin? Milo Yiannopoulos? Steve Cortez? Devin Nunes? Ben Carson? Richard Grennell? Katrina Pierson? The list goes on & on & on.


      1. Our quest for a more perfect union continues. At some point, the people who’ve been at the top of the power structure for centuries..that would be white people…must decide if it’s worth it to continue minimizing and denigrating minorities and immigrants, or try to live with one another without hate. As a white guy, and an American, that’s what I hope for. Yes, we’ve made some progress over the years. It’s still not enough, in my view. Instead of making it harder for people to vote, for example, why don’t we try to make it easier? Citizens have that right, and we should encourage all of them to take part in our democracy. But one side of the political spectrum seems to want to go the other way. Why?


      2. You didn’t respond to anything I actually said, why do you insist on looking at things and racial terms? You’re more white than me, and yet you have a stronger belief in this by privilege nonsense that idea, why is that? And why do you assume the Republican Party is against people of color, or immigration, or any of the rest? I have family in all sorts of colors, several parts immigrated here over the years, or their parents did, and I’m fine with legal immigration. I just believe it’s part of the purpose of our government, especially in terms of national security, is to control our borders and have an awareness of who’s passing through or staying. And there’s a stronger case to be made for Democrats suppressing votes than there is for Republicans, not to mention the voter fraud, of which there have been dozens of recent examples. Democrats & other left wingers are standung up against shit that doesn’t exist and consequently becoming the very thing they’re pretemding to fight against. Cuz of this, what racism *does* still exist in America is akmost enrirely in the left. Lastly… why, as a self described “white guy”, are you whitesplaining thus to somebody who’s mixed race? 😏


      3. Also, Ben Carson made some relevant points to this recently: “You don’t see that kind of stuff anymore,” the retired pediatric neurosurgeon said. “We’ve made so much progress, it’s absolutely astonishing.”

        Carson explained:

        And yet, in this election season, everything is race. And, obviously, it’s being manipulated along those lines. Things have changed so incredibly dramatically in this country, but in order to create the kind of chaos that’s necessary to make people want a change, you divide them, you divide them in every way you possibly can: by race, by gender, by age, by income.

        He said the American people “are not each other’s enemies,” and that most Americans, when they sit down and talk to each other, agree on about 90 percent of issues. Those who are attempting to manipulate people “take the ten percent that you don’t agree on, and they just try to format that into the biggest thing in the world, and keep throwing it in front of your face. Night after night, day after day.”

        Carson detailed how those causing the civil unrest are manipulating Americans:

        ,And you combine that with the fact that, because of our history, which is imperfect – you know slavery and Jim Crow and all of these things that have happened – it’s relatively easy to convince some people, no matter how good their life is, that they’re victims. And that somebody else has created that problem. And, at the same time, you take another segment of society – white people – and you convince them that they’re guilty. They may be the nicest people in the world … but, because of the color of your skin, you are guilty and you owe. And it’s a bad combination – guilt and victimhood – and it creates incredibly bad policies.” Those last two sentences are particularly relevant to you, imo. 😉


      4. Believe what you want to believe my friend. I wouldn’t give Ben Carson the time of day, let alone take the time to read anything he says. I’m not whitesplaining anything to you. You don’t believe in white priv.? So be it. Keep watching Fox. Keep reading Breitbart. Keep listening to Trump. The idea that the Dems are the ones suppressing the vote is laughable. It tells me all I need to know about where you’re coming from. Good luck my friend. Thanks for the debate.


      5. I’ll make a deal with you, if you’re willing. I’ll keep reading your blog with minimal commenting, I won’t be trying to antagonize you or anything, and in exchange I ask you do the same for me. You might just have your mind changed on some of those assumptions you made about me (e.g. you think I like or trust Fox News, or even Breitbart? lol no, I use them as one of a slew of references when cross checking and researching different events, stories, incidents, etc.). I realize this offer might not appeal, and that’s fine if you feel that way, but I believe in exposure to opposing views and occasionally read your blog for that reason. I don’t see what it would hurt if you reciprocate, if only to challenge yourself. Or as a springboard; if I say something you don’t like but you don’t feel like arguing, take me out of the equation, keep the topic and your subsequent thoughts on it, and (if you want) publish it. Or not lol, I’m not trying to tell you how to blog or anything, it’s just that you don’t really know much about me or where I’m coming from at all given the remarks about Fox. I don’t fit into whatever stereotypical view of what you think Republicans are supposed to be, and imo you’ll see before very long at all that without any attempts from me to actively persuade you into believing it, you’ve got a bad read on me. And maybe I’ve got one on you (all the more reason for me to keep up with your blog more, even if I refrain from commenting). Only time, and continued exposure to each others perspectives, will truly tell who’s got what right.

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      6. Sounds like a good deal. I read as many blogs as I can, when I can. I certainly will try and do the same with yours. And yes, feel free to read mine anytime you’d like.

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