All Countries Should Cancel Debt To China

Speaking at a GOP convention in North Carolina, June 5th, President Trump addressed the damage and death caused by China through the spread of the wuhan virus and took his previous suggestion of $10 trillion in reparations a step further, suggesting all nations indebted to China cancel their debts.

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2 thoughts on “All Countries Should Cancel Debt To China

  1. If what I’ve suspected is true, and it will take time to listen, read, and observe, I think the debt to China, while serious, is the least of our problems. Something else is afoot for countries to disregard debt, for us to run trillions a year further, while all the progressives ideologies run rampant. Something else is going on, and I think it’s far worse than debt, but it is designed to remove all of our rights while inputting their ideologies, which I think is the complete removal of thinking for yourselves. Consider this: Whatever happens, more important than money is people holding to their constitutional rights and the freedom to speak and believe, with responsibility. For in that, people can get together, work together, and defeat tyranny. Without our understanding, ability to think for ourselves with responsibility, and believe, all the money in the world couldn’t help us.

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