#Covid19 – Chinese Defector Dr. Yan In Imminent Danger

Dr. Laurence Sellin re: the imminent threat posed to Dr. Yan, one of the earliest whistleblowers to come forward with info on the reality of Covid’s lab origins, June 25th

The threat of danger comes from the CCP; is enabled by the Biden regime.

Not sure what I can do about it myself, except bring attention to it to whatever extent I can. If she gets taken back to China or worse, killed, it can’t have been allowed to happen in the dark, with people afraid to talk about it. Trump voters have been getting killed here and there in isolated incidents all across the country for the last 5 years.

Those who know don’t talk about it much and most of why they don’t talk about it is cuz those who don’t know act like you’re crazy when it comes up. Patriots haven’t been murdering any members of Antifa or BLM though – rather, members of both have been murdering Patriots.

It can’t be allowed to continue with us, and it can’t be allowed to happen to her or any other defectors who came forward. Destroying the bs narrative this virus occured naturally is too important, and ties directly into who defrauded the 2020 election and how. That said…

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