Armstrong: Yes, Trump CAN Be Reinstated In August or After

Sydney Powell made public statements last week asserting that Donald Trump can in fact be reinstated as President of the United States – her remarks echoed Mike Lindell’s and were disputed aggressively by Jenna Ellis. I tend to agree with Powell – Ben Armstrong offered his own take, June 3rd

Thought I’d share here, especially since he points out an angle to this re: how important grassroots involvement and citizen press is. PR matters, public awareness matters, and corporate media companies aren’t going to do that for us.

And re: the rest…

People who don’t want it to be thought possible keep saying there’s no precedent; one, they’re flat out wrong, and two, precedent or lack thereof doesn’t determine whether something is constitutional, legal, moral, or possible.

Granted the odds are slim and we might really have to push this fight forward into 2024 but only if we fail to break through the corruption and stonewalling, the games and the propaganda.

Inch by inch I believe taking back the White House before then is doable, but as Armstrong points out public awareness, political spine, and active campaigning on the grassroots level are essential.

Failing that, everything we continue to expose and verify as we attempt it will put us in a stronger position for 2024.

No matter how you cut it election integrity is critical, increasing public awareness (e.g. like we do for cancer) is an absolute must, and retribution is non-negotiable. It’s not a question of whether there’ll be repercussions – just when, and what form it takes. One way or another…

They’re going to pay. To me, at this point they should be hoping he gets back in – with the level of exposure already reached re: theft of 2020, can’t and won’t go unanswered.

So will we see a course correction from the corrupt legislative and judiciary branches of government, or will they push us closer to others means of relief or redress?

Hope for the former.

Be ready for the latter.

Peter Navarro: Biggest Takeaway From Fauci’s Emails W/ China’s CDC

Navarro re: Fauci’s e-mails, June 1st

Even though the CCP would love for these revelations to give them cover, it doesn’t shift any blame away from them. Obviously that’s their play BUT we don’t have to let it happen.

The reality is the role Fauci (and others) played absolves China of nothing, merely proves collusion. You know, the kind they accused Trump of with Russia.

Democrats in various offices and occupations directly colluded with Chinese citizens to launch a mild bioweapon to coincide with a psyop centered around stealing the election for Joe Biden. Plenty of blame to go around, no need to give it to just one or the other.

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Fulton County Officials Left Door Wide Open With Ballots Unguarded

Garlan Favorito re: the Fulton County, Georgia break in at a warehouse where paper ballots are being stored while the conditions and procedures of the audit to come get hashed out in court, June 1st

Further details and developments (Washington Examiner):

“Superior Court Judge Brian Amero granted a motion to unseal 147,000 absentee ballots from the 2020 election in Fulton County, where Biden received more than 72% of the vote, for review as part of their lawsuit. But the judge canceled a meeting to discuss logistical plans for the audit to give him time to consider and rule on motions filed by attorneys for Fulton County to dismiss the case. A hearing on the motions is expected later this month.

In the meantime, the ballots are being kept in a Fulton County warehouse. Controversy struck on Saturday, May 29, when the motion-detection alarm went off in the building. The matter is under investigation, including what has been described as a patrol of deputies who left the building at the end of their shift prior to the alarm going off. Officials insist the locked room with the ballots was secure at all times. Still, RealClearInvestigations reported Favorito isn’t convinced the “five pallets of shrink-wrapped ballots” were secure, and his lawyer is looking to obtain security camera footage.”

Plaintiff Says Up To 20,000 ‘Probably False Ballots’ Cast In GA’s Fulton County

Also worth noting…

The effort to get an audit there is moving forward on multiple tracks. Be it by court ruling, action by state legislature, or whatever else we are getting these audits and we are exposing the fraud that occurred on behalf of Joe Biden.

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Lindell: Trump Won Election by 80 Million to Biden’s 61 Million

Mike Lindell joins the War Room with Steven Bannon to discuss plans moving forward, including the insights and information from consultations with various attorneys, forensic scientists, cyber security experts and others re: authenticity of the evidence in his possession and the odds – based on the magnitude of fraud it proves – of getting a favorable, honest, above board ruling, June 2nd

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