Anyone willing to support what I do here is deeply appreciated…

I do this work for free as a citizen journalist, work a lot of other people get paid plenty for cuz they’ve got credentials, schooling, etc… and while I don’t mind doing this unpaid the fact is I’m better at it than most.

My work has integrity cuz I don’t let others set the terms of what I cover or how I report on it. I could go the usual route, college and debt for a stamp of approval on a piece of paper that means nothing to me, try to land a job with someone honest, hope for the best…

If I did though, others would be setting the terms of my education, would have editorial control over my work, and I’d ultimately be on a leash, long or short, held by someone else behind the scenes.

It just doesn’t seem worth it. And this, what I’m already doing… does.

And bear in mind…

The more of us are out there working independently, on our own terms, swelling the ranks of grassroots citizen journalists rising up to counter the corruption of corporate news, the better.

If that seems like something you can get behind… I’m not going to lie, a little help here and there wouldn’t hurt. We are the press, and we’re up against multi million dollar companies, pervasive corruption in all branches of government, and a militant left spreading violence across the nation. And I’m just some guy in California who mows lawns. As you can imagine, I don’t make much doing that kind of work.

Yet I’ve already spent some 💰, bought the domain name and upgraded the plan to get rid of ads for the benefit of readers. Any folks who want to help me recoup the expense can do so by donating here, one time or monthly. Your call. ✌🐸