PSA: Attack Cops, Get Shot 😉👌

Jacob Blake had a warrant out for his arrest, showed up at the home of a woman he assaulted, forcibly stuck his fingers in her pussy, took her keys, then police were called.

When cops got there he resisted arrest, violently evaded their first few attempts to apprehend him, made his way to the driver’s side of his car, and went for a knife before being shot. Got what he deserved.

Some white chick in Jacksonville just got shot today for stabbing a cop. I posted this about it: “attack cops (espec. w/ weapon) = get shot”.

And notice, Democrats don’t complain when you point this out about some crazy white bitch wielding a damn knife, but when Jacob Blake gets shot for trying to get one out of his car… he gets a pass. Isn’t that kind of bullshit?

I have no problem laughing at that, and neither do Democrats so long as the assailant is white. Make the same observation about a justified police shooting involving someone who happens to be black and they lose their fucking minds. Given how touchy Democrats and mainstream media are about it, imo it’s time for a slogan like “get woke, go broke”:

Attack cops, get shot. 😘👌