Corporate Media Lies About Corona Virus Are Causing Actual Damage

Downgraded my cable plan a while back, going to cut it soon – the reason I bring that up is that I still have the Fox News channel, but not Fox Business, so I watched Maria Bartiromo’s ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ (Mar. 1) on YouTube.

She’s actually one of my favorite reporters, one of the few left that seems to care more about accuracy than a political agenda, so I was especially disgusted when she opened by telling the audience to brace themselves for an explosion of new corona virus cases in America.

I mean tell me, what kind of fear-mongering bullshit is that? She had Mike Pence on shortly after the show began, and the line of questions continued to disgust me, the underlying presumption of all of them being that the Trump administration has somehow dropped the ball on this; they’re actively pushing that narrative.

This is why you can’t even trust so-called right-wing news to be true, accurate, or even as right wing as lefties accuse them of being: they’re a corporation. She questioned him on the testing, he pushed back, she pushed more & said “the 500!?”, implication obviously being that it isn’t a whole lot of testing… and he hit her with a solid right hook, explaining that we’ve screened 47,000 people so far, and counting.

So people acting like the Trump administration isn’t doing its job on this issue are simply full of shit.

That’s not to say I won’t or don’t watch Fox News, or that I hold it against Bartiromo when she puts Pence’s feet to the fire on several fronts on the response to corona, the argument could be made she’s going at him so hard so Pence can take the worst of the criticisms from Democrats head-on in a non-hostile setting… but with how seriously she seemed to take the concerns as she voiced the questions, and especially with the intro to the show, she serves the establishment agenda of rattling markets worldwide.

There’s no real reason for some of the sell-offs they’ve had going on for the past few days – unless you listen to Nancy Pelosi saying Trump is handling the outbreak terribly, or Schumer claiming Trump isn’t asking for enough money to deal with it, or Maria Bartiromo warning of an explosion of new cases, pushing claims the administration isn’t even bothering to test people… but none of it is actually true.

And though I’m not a financial “expert” and you shouldn’t consider this to be “qualified” advice (I’m not liable for your investments), sure seems to me that since the stock market is in the midst of a dip, now is prbly a great time to buy stocks.

(Edit: I wrote this yesterday, markets have already made huge come back.)