J. Edgar Hoover Set The Precedent For How FBI Targeted Donald J. Trump

Was watching a portrayal of the infamous Kennedy family dynasty (The Kennedy’s, 2011) and I’m struck in the first few episodes by their rendition of J. Edgar Hoover.

How people on a mainstream level can acknowledge the guy operated the way he did for 30 years before JFK, tried turning that operation against the sitting president so he could keep running the FBI with an absolute lack of accountability…

How you can full well know that as a matter of historic fact, and be skeptical of the FBI doing essentially the same to Trump is mind boggling.

The only real difference between the two former FBI directors is, James Comey (unlike Hoover) was being puppeteered by other players, a willing pawn in their schemes.

Hoover didn’t seem to believe anyone truly out ranked him, he worked for himself – Comey took his cues from Obama and Clinton through Loretta Lynch. He worked with and for them; consequently, none of the wrongdoing or corruption he’s known to have engaged in (got him fired) can be separated from them imo.

Aside from handlers…

Comey violated privacy rights for corrupt purposes, tried (and re: Trump, failed) to collect blackmail material, and I think history is going to remember the FBI as run by James Comey as a pale, weak, failure prone imitation of the police state monstrosity run by Hoover.

Trump supporters like me already see it that way, and we’re pretty much just waiting for the rest of America to catch the fuck up.

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