America Should Decriminalize Marijuana Federally (Not State By State)

Used to agree with forcing the issue, legalizing it one state at a time, daring feds to fuck with players in the new weed industry, and forcing it further in court (state vs. fed).

I’m not entirely sure that was the wrong approach either tbh but… it’s a model Democrats later used to impliment sanctuary city and sanctuary state laws.

Seeing how much of an overstep in state authority that was, the direct defiance of legitimate federal law… it had me rethinking past state by state campaigns similarly designed to undermine legit federal authority.

One could say the federal laws on weed aren’t legitimate I guess but by the same token the state has no standing on the issue either.

Fact is it’s a problem existing in federal law, therefore should be addressed on a federal level in a straightforward manner. No need to muddy up the waters – to confuse the matter – by involving the states and creating the “state vs. fed” fight.

It’s a “fed vs. we the people” fight; obfuscating it with peripheral bullshit just makes it that much harder to win the battles that matter, or hell, to even get them started. In any case it’s gone as far as it needs to on that basis imho.

The campaign has grown to national proportions, has arguably existed on that scale for at least the last 6 years or so, and it’s time to start acting like it. Rather than pitting the federal government against a coalition of states opposed to it, I say consolidate and leverage the state by state efforts into a campaign focused on forcing Congress to change the federal laws themselves.

Cut the bullshit and get straight to the heart of the matter. It’s one thing for the state governments to act as checks on the federal, and vice-versa – it’s quite another to pit them against each other needlessly in a conflict that only distracts from the real issue at hand, the real conflict.

Enough with this beating around the bush bullshit; the war on drugs has been dead for a decade, isn’t it long past time we made it official.

Let’s finally end this shadowy, disingenuous prohibition that’s effectively existed against marijuana for the last 70 years in this country; it failed with alcohol, and it’s failed with this. No more pretending otherwise – it’s over.

I’m calling for this as a Republican, a Trump voter, and as an individualistic, freedom loving, hedonistic American stoner.