Where’s Our Highspeed Railway? Where’s Our Money? Anybody…?

Scott Weiner (D-CA) shared an article justifying the never ending money pit of a would be high-speed rail cuz of “jobs, climate change, and justice” he wrote for the S.F. Chronicle back in March.

My question is… how the fuck do these clowns manage to suck up THAT many billions in taxpayer money from state residents and billions from the federal government, years ago now, and there’s still NO high-speed railway. Anywhere.

Where’s that money at? And why do so few people care that they’re literally just jacking your money right in front of you for projects they’re not even bothering to do for real? If you think they’re really building it, tell me how many years it’s been (over 10), and tell me how much railway we have (none). 🐸 Stretches of it supposedly “under construction” have been that for years, never finished, structures erected are non-functional, connected to nothing, and no trains running. For all our money: nothing.

Someone besides just a little old me needs to be asking Gavin Newsom where the fuck that money is, needs to be asking Jerry Brown the same, needs to be asking members of the state legislature who have held positions in our state government over the last 10-15 years.

They probably know. 💰

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