Lindell: ‘Donald Trump Will Be Your President By The End of August’

Mike Lindell crashes the live airing of the War Room with Steve Bannon,  explains how Donald Trump will be reinstated by the end of this August, June 3rd

To add my two cents… this is an objective he’s setting, not a set in stone court date or deadline; if it doesn’t happen by August critics will inevitably use that to rag on Lindell as a failure. They’ll want you to believe if it doesn’t happen right then, it isn’t going to. They seem to think if they can stall him past August they can convince the bulk of Americans they were right when they said it couldn’t be done. If you believed that about the audits though you got egg on your face.

Mike is shooting for August, that’s clearly his game plan. Just keep in mind the words of Moltke: “no plan survives contact with the enemy.” Relevant.

And any who think he’s not doing a good enough job, or that he should just shut up and quit, consider Patton’s take: “a good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

People who want the perfect play, the perfect plan, the perfect outcome will never get it. That’s not how life works.

And you shouldn’t expect it to, especially not in contexts like this; we’re in a fight and it’s happening in real time, it’s not a choreographed display of theater – plans are developing and changing as needed, continuously. There will be setbacks and there will be frustration, and things won’t work out exactly how we want them to. Nothing new.

It was like this back in 2015 and all throughout Trump’s first term; it’s been like this throughout the fight to expose the truth about covid and the 2020 election. Why would it change now? And why, if we haven’t backed down through all of THAT, should we back down NOW?

Rhetorical question – keep fighting.

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