Turley: Putin Accuses Biden Of Persecuting Trump Supporters

Dr. Steven Turley re: recent remarks by Vladimir Putin, June 11th

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3 thoughts on “Turley: Putin Accuses Biden Of Persecuting Trump Supporters

  1. the people at the white house have a legal suit against the people that arrested them. there was certifications of dead pdeoples votes that was found to be true and valid. theres a tremendous amount of angry people over that and they need to release them from jail. from what i understand they went to the white house on jan 6th to prevent the certification of illegal votes, the people in that building didnt do a dam thing at the time to guareentee it was a honest and fair electcion, they in that building only chose to exersize violence against their own contrymen and women that had the liberty and the rights to be there.

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  2. there was certified votes of dead people by the way, too there was 20,000 absentee ballots found in fulton county georgia besides a tremendous amount of other really insane crap that was being found.

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