John McAfee’s $WHACKD Crypto Dead Man’s Switch

Mental Outlaw on Odysee re: the death of John McAfee and subsequent indications in the crypto market that he did in fact have protocols in place, and they’ve been set in motion, June 26th

Normally I’d embed the video but you’ll have to click here to watch this time; I love Odysee and use it plenty but it doesn’t currently seem to be compatible with wordpress formatting.

Short 8 minute upload.

Host discusses info about the dead man switch; was apparently triggered…

Feel free to do more research on this if you want, upload linked to doesn’t hit on everything but, good vid to start with if interested. If not, wait for it to play out; you’ll find out whether his threats had bite or were all bark soon enough.

Plus, since I couldn’t embed the upload directly to my site and the content isn’t on Bitchute or Rumble, here’s a few other points of research, for those interested…

And I’ll say this much…

You think he didn’t do to the United States government what he did to the government in Belize? Really? *shrugs* Draw your own conclusions. Btw…

“The letter “Q” was cryptically posted to John McAfee’s Instagram account just hours after his mysterious death on Wednesday, prompting theories that his death was not suicide.” (News Punch)

Food for thought.

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