Updates Re: Election 2020 Audits Incoming…

I know everybody’s jonesing for an update on the Arizona audit so I’ve got some material queued up relating to that; should keep your eye out over the rest next day or two here, if interested.

Also a lot of other shit going on too so I’ll be highlighting a bunch of that along with AZ updates – including movement in the last few days re: the push to get a full forensic audit in Fulton County, GA.

Given what people in the state senate and those involved directly with the audit are saying, the buzz about preliminary results being publicized on Monday of this week didn’t originate from the auditors.

Best I can figure it mostly came from Jim Hoft of the Gateway pundit, and you know what, I don’t blame him a bit.

We need to keep the pressure on the state senate, they’ve only gone this far our way because of pressure from citizens – we’re pitting them against their own colleagues though and they don’t all want to do what they know they have to.

So I don’t blame Hoft for trying to create the expectation of some info being made public by now, people should expect that imo, and the state senate should cough up the info as soon as they can. We supported, pushed for, and helped to make these audits happen so we could get answers, not so we can be strung along for months on end.

They can worry about timing for this reason or that, but if they insist on dragging it out for any reason they’ll have to do so under mounting pressure.

With me for example, I still support them 100%, especially when it concerns dealing with bullshit media coverage or lies from the opposition. But it’s for that very reason that I won’t have them stringing me along or BSing me.

So trust and believe I’ll be lacing the highlights here with updates about what is (or isn’t) going on in Maricopa pretty heavily until we start to get the answers this audit is meant to give us.

Way I look at it…

I have a vested interest – we all do.

In the meantime feel free to raise any questions or concerns. I don’t have an inside track and I’m no one special, but I’ve been on this since the night of Nov 3rd into the morning of Nov 4th.

Over 7 months, I’ve been on top of this, every angle, every state, every player, so though I can’t hope to capture all the info that’s gone into my head between then and now, nor even the info I managed to vet and churn out on various social media platforms as I went, I might just know something you don’t.

And if it’s ever the reverse – if you know something I don’t, or spot an inaccuracy in something I think I know… always happy to hear it. I try to be sure anything posted here has been checked for accuracy thoroughly before I share, but I leave that up to my own judgment.

And I’m not infallible.

Just be forewarned there’s a culture war on and I’m often in the mode to match, so if you comment to tell me I’m wrong mind your manners, or I’ll forget mine. 😉

Incidentally, whether it’s remarks like this or cultural/news highlights please consider subscribing (free) if you like what you see. We are the press.✌🐸

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