Paper is the Best Evidence

Episode 1,052 (full) of the War Room with Steve Bannon, June 26th

Apparently some of the expectation of an interim report the Monday following completion of recounting and analyzing the physical paper ballots were generated by Mark Finchem’s statements.

Strange that Karen Fann said she hadn’t heard about it when Monday rolled around last week since Mark Finchem, like her, is a representative in the lower house of the same state legislature as her.

He’s in the state House, she’s in the state Senate, so I think she was full of shit and playing games. Imo people were right to notice something was up, if we don’t stay on top of these people some of them will take the openings to knife us.

If you care about the Integrity of our elections, and of this audit, follow her and all the rest of the fair weather friends we’re stuck working with on their social media accounts – twitter, facebook, wherever you can find them.

Show them when they try to screw us, we notice. Your voice matters, any who wish to do so can help keep the pressure on.

You can tell yourself it doesn’t matter enough to bother with, or you can take note of the fact social media is a vulnerability with these pricks, puts ’em on even footing with the ‘little people’, a nobody like me has as many followers as a state senator in Arizona.

Know how that happened? I ran my mouth, and then I ran it some more, and then I got into politics and ran it some more. Rights are not for conserving or safeguarding, they are for exercising. Same way the best defense is to attack, the best safeguard against threats to our rights is the exercise of those rights.

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