America Floats: Evidence FBI Set Up False Flag To Paint ALL Protesters As Insurrectionists

Host of America Floats re: information incriminating FBI, rather than protesters, attempting to incite rioting, June 30th

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7 thoughts on “America Floats: Evidence FBI Set Up False Flag To Paint ALL Protesters As Insurrectionists

  1. I was there and witness Antifa there! Check the security cameras at The Capital Hilton or surround if they do not have cameras. You will see Antifa changing into their normal riot outfits with bats etc right in front of hotel where police were also present in front of the entire hotel…cars and officers. They did ZERO! Nothing! As if that’s where it was planned and safe for Antifa members. I wore all black on 1/5 and 1/6 and had no problem walking right up to the Antifa members and watching as they got their gear etc ready. This is no joke! I then when i to the hotel lobby headed upstairs and also saw Antifa (one dressed odd with big white glasses on) walking out of the gift shop in lobby of the The Capital Hilton (which by the way is located right at Black Lives Matter Plaza) and they stopped abruptly and glared at me. I stopped, pulled my mask down and said “We got a problem”? They looked me up and down and realized I’m in all black, older and not afraid. Their stance changed and I think I have them the impression I was within their filthy org or something and they backed down and even said “no” kinda cowering. Maybe they thought I was higher rank in their terrorist org or something because I came across as hard and no fear. Who knows but when I got to my room upstairs I laughed AND fell apart at the same time. That whole situation could have been ugly but I showed no fear as if I WAS their superior and it worked. I planned the black clothes and jacket in case as I was in DC alone to hear Trumps speech and it paid off greatly! Check the security camera around DC close to the capital on Jan 5 and especially Jan 6 before ending of Trumps speech and after the protest at the capital! I will bet there is massive evidence of police letting Antifa do whatever they wanted and zero done and probably even catch them communicating etc! It was blatant at The Capital Hilton.
    Much Respect,

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  2. that being the case they must and need to release everyone they arrested. the people that shown up there on January 6th was people from what i comprehend to prevent illegal votes from being certified, now all the evidence is coming out ie dead people that voted and including VPN ports left open where the PC’s were unattended where anyone from an outside network could basically do what they want to the votes. the VPN was left open manually, a lawyer was arguing them cases a while back. all the people that shown up on January 6th had all the evidence including the 20,000 votes found by a police officer in Fulton County Georgia. releasing them all from jail would conform to the CONSTITUTION as there were illegal votes and there was no one to stop the illegal certification other than American People that shown up to the White House on that Day.

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  3. Social Media owers suppressed the truth from coming out at the time when it was most important, social media being facebook, twitter primarily and there was evidence that major news networks suppressed the truth at the time due to feat of the many bad things that would had otherwise came out, in many cases many of them people mentioned lack any care of any human being there is, their day is just fine, they look at people as collateral as one lawyer told me that was immensely upset about it all regardless whom would had won as a matter of fact, the point the lawyer i spoke to at a firm stated it appeared The American People didn’t matter at all regardless of how they voted on a day that was about the vote of what people choose.

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  4. yet there is other bad news out there too. 156 degree temps was recorded in northwest America. there are so many bad storms that had taken place, when i watch a bit of tv, the politicians that speak in regards of what to do or how to help anyone reverse the affects caused by the entire human race they never mention. I’m not sure what side of the coin I’m on with many topics, yet i do my own direct observations. I also review what i can of the extremely low frequency wave stations, HARP, that have been used against people many times. i followed the law. i obey. been kind and nice as could be, and am retaining a tremendous amount of information that occasionally causes me to be upset. Im knowing of my own area where i grew up, I’ve studied weather good enough to have some sense of what i know trying to rationalize what the weather use to look like and be as from the times i grew up in the same county area, and the last few years the weather has unusual patterns at at times lately i go out look at the sky to see if there are contrials and evidence to cloud seeding. the majority of people i know including those in my relations are democrats and they know I’m right wing. that’s all cool and fine and dandy yet I’ve brought some things up to my entire group that is basically four ethniticitys that has direct evidence to many issues. i don’t have anything to do. I use to be a drywall taper, i use to love taping and cant due to injury that are pretty dam bad, it hurts everyday, it takes a lot of energy to be a taper in the first place, so what do i do while i either limp and or complain about my body problems? well, i remember many things that was important to people at the time it came up as a topic in National News or where ever ya find information at to have some kind of knowledge of whats going on in America and or else where. i take a fragment bit of news, and then i begin, i just need a topic, yet like physics i do multiple forms of reffefrance from one location, one time i called California up directly due to a news statement that said they had a flood out there and they didn’t have rescue groups. i called a police station up in the county to where the flood was alleged at as i knew they were in a dry season and asked the police chief out there why don’t they have rescue crews to help the people survive and he stated what are you talking about we hadn’t seen a drop of rain in months and they were in drought much like they are currently. so things that get aired i have the tendency to follow my own train of thought due to the things i personally know and had studied by direct observation totally unreferenced and unasked by any other person and or man or woman or group, yet that’s me, i like to learn and find the truth weather inscience and or whatever else and am really good at what i find out, many know that, uninfluenced by anyone. yet as far as the VPN left open on admin pc’s that dominion was connected to there was multiple pc problems happening eklse where besides someone that wanted to leave their network open on a voting day that is completely illegal and is not suppose to be like that at all. The American Voting is not suppose to be connected to first, second or third parties kinda like when ya go to the stored to buy a can of chewing tobacco why in the heck would corporations that have over seas banking want to know what kind of chewing tobacco i buy? Why? To create a fraud? To collect personal information like that has been done to basically over 300 million American people besides their parent countries? Man, im upset. i cant hold a normal conversation because of all of the aforementioned. much less it is a manual operation to open a VPNport and let it free ride to traffic outside of any network to let people rumage threw our own American voting people that is intentionally suppose to be private when a vote is casted yet VPN stands for VERY PRIVATE NETWORK sorta like how the vote is sup=pose to be private yet a groups is rumaging threw viotes before they even get counted from them leaving their VPN’s open, on top of that a number of the swing state votes, a few of those machines i was told could be purchased on Amazon yet some professional hackers that was hired to lo-ok at the voting machines when it came into question they found they didnt have the card readers in them. I am a religious man, yet i pray that your a more calm person then i had been the past few years. its suppose to be normal to accept fraud of the American people created by some pee on that lacks any care of any human being? I don’t think so, people are important and that is why they vote and there is an incredible amount of evidence pertaining to many of the things that came out as conversation topics.

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  5. im also someone that filed an AG complaint of intellectual property theft of a invention i made mechanical drawings on for my own Dad that was of a walk in bathtub with a seat and water jets and a rubber gasket to seal the door. i have a file number. i have other cases of my own ideas and or invention was stolen from me where i think the people that did that to me would think id just give up hope and not pursue my own things that were mine that was stolen from me. i vote to my VA Rep on that today that does know i am capable of creating my own inventions and had sent one to the Veterans group a while back that was stunning in its own sense, things many others don’t come up with. I know of the inventions i donated to help with because frankly i have way too many of them ie the solar power car invention was donated to the American people only and even sent in a letter to Barack Obama at the time the white house or sent hima copy of the original letter and sent copys to my mayor and the local library and a few friends. i called freemont California where elon musk worked at with TESLA and asked did you get my letter i sent to Mark and everyone else about the solar car, there was a man in the back ground that stated yep that’s him, that was invented when iw as in sixth grade in my dads front yard, he is a democrate and he know I’m republican. ok, alright. good for everyone. Yet George W Bush Jr knows the same thing as i use to write him too. Yet that invention was donated of the solar car with the umbilical cord to a solar field and charging stations. my first design of it, when i built it was parts from a ham fest amature radio club where we bought solar waffers, i had motors and gear ratio reduction to create higher rmp for greater current. however, it was donated, aprtly and mainly due to the fact i didn’t have the money to make production vehicles and or it would had taken me forever to make my own business to get the thing made on behalf of Earth from all the CO2 that had been wreeking havoc on everyone’s day in one way or the other in every area of the Earth. i have a grant application at home to build an invention titled forever inertia, i don’t want to get into the details of it, yet i ordered a paper grant from and the lady asked me why don’t i just fill it out on line and stated because the amount of things stolen from me on the intranet i don’t feel comfortable putting my innovations on the internet what so ever from thefts that occurred when i tired in the past, i told the same thing to the USPTO on the phone.

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  6. well, i pray a lot lately, silently and or think it. so many things where people out there need so much help and ya try to come up with something to say or write without offending anyone. me? i put the news on at at times as a grown man, buddy, I’ve broken down and cried, there is a real need f0or people to help each other out there no matter whom anyone is.ive done my share when i was capable to walk like pick the garbage up in the alley or the street so its not blowing around everywhere, dor helped my neighbors when the time appeared there was a need even if I’m disabled.

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