BREAKING NEWS: Larry Elder WILL Be On The Ballot In Upcoming California Recall Election

Courtesy of Mark Meuser on Facebook, who attended the same hearing as Larry Elder‘s attorney re: same issues on behalf of Betty Chu, July 21st

Citizen’s Journal re: Betty Chu‘s involvement…

“Private citizen Betty Chu, former mayor and two-term city council member of Monterey Park, California, filed suit today against California Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber to protect Chu’s right to vote for candidate Larry Elder in the special recall election for governor scheduled for September 14, 2021.

Secretary Weber’s current decision to disqualify Elder as a candidate—ostensibly over redaction issues with tax returns filed with his candidacy application—violates Chu’s constitutional right to representative government and is a clear violation of California’s election code, according to Chu’s legal filings. She argues the law requiring candidates to file tax returns applies only in direct primary elections, not in this recall election.”

If you’d like to watch the hearing for yourself, you can find it here: Sacramento Superior Court, Dept. 23.

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