Salty Cracker: Black Rifle Coffee Doubles Down On Attacking Their Customer Base

Salty Cracker re: the strange self-inflicted gutting of the Black Rifle Coffee brand, July 17th

Had my own two cents to add re: this bullshit the other day on Twitter

Stocking Mill Coffee & Freedom Hill Coffee.

Another alternative, for those interested…

Or, via Josh Barnett, could give this a try…

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3 thoughts on “Salty Cracker: Black Rifle Coffee Doubles Down On Attacking Their Customer Base

  1. there are a lot of people that died from using twitter and that other social app, thats from internet news, they wont list it on news media on tv and they should. ive been following a heck of a lot of stories on so many things its unbelievable and the social apps keep coming up as sites that had been used in such a way by their users without removal of posts by the owners and a serious lot of people died that had used social apps for whatever they use them for. Im not on any of them at all, cant find anything usful of social apps yet a waste of time and a burdon to civil society, there is a few groups that want all social media apps band from being on the internet, FYI.


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