Los Angeles Restaurants Closing, New Democrat Lockdowns Emerging

Tim and everyone else on the panel re: the new LA lockdown and some of what’s already happening in CA economically as a result, July 23rd


“Tim, Ian, and Lydia join journalist and author of ‘An Inconvenient Minority: The Attack on Asian American Excellence and the Fight for Meritocracy’ Kenny Xu to analyze why LA decided it was time to lock down again.”

They continue to use this pandemic as cover for increasingly blatant fascism; fact-checking our text messages, throttling our social media accounts, arresting us for exercising our first amendment rights at protests, stuffing the ballot box with “mail-in” ballots and hacking to flip numbers to try hiding (laundering) those from being seen in real time…

And that’s not to mention the spying on our presidential candidate in 2015 and 16, attacks on the street against Trump supporters for 5 years straight, two illegitimate impeachment attempts based on false, fabricated info, or all the rest.

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