Styx: Klobuchar Thinks Vaccine “Disinfo” Should Be Absent From Section 230 Protections

Styx lays out some of the more authoritarian, fascistic trains of thought on how to reform section 230 through the example of Amy Klobuchar’s recent proposals and rhetoric, July 23rd

Oh and fyi 👇 he published a book on Critical Race Theory recently…

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11 thoughts on “Styx: Klobuchar Thinks Vaccine “Disinfo” Should Be Absent From Section 230 Protections

  1. Jack, your a remarkable author especially the way you can see from your inner mind and conscious thought with compelling emotional feelings towards your fellow man that had faced untruths or injustices or the maloderous problems that have caused the value creator to be held down meaning the true geniuses of society. your someone that cares about people, that is a spiritually good thing and i pray with all my heart and would you keep that edge and make teams and groups to amend and resolve the things that had been utterly destructive. the psychology on many platforms on line or HTTP links on line was illegally made against the well being and free conscious thought of our forefathers that fought with four ethniticites to liberate America from tyranny or persecution from a free thought, yet a group in china was creating psychological effects by falsely creating impressions that they were someone else such as a American citizen and or some other country and they tried forging toward turning every human being in America against each other. Oh, by the way, they stolen $400,000,000,000 billion of intellectual property theft from Amercan people the past forty years as well as many other countries. American’s need to make their own pc’s in America only as well as other things. i filed a complaint on one intellectual property theft other then a process of a citizens advocate bureau as the attorney general’s secretary long ago stated to me, her secretary, told me to bring the complaints to the streets, so i had in an unbiased fashion. I’m not an advocate of police, i don’t hate them, i don’t wish them any harm, yet i have a beef with them that had lacked resolve since 1990 in regards to the death of my mom, her fourth husband has a pistol pointing at me when i came back from the rustic a bar i was setting up a band, when i lived at rudy cernaviches house at 501 elosie avenue he refused to let me or my mom ever use the phone, i could call police and they lacked any cell phones back then, i talked my way through a glock 45 pistol pointing at my skull at two feet and can sketchmy memorys, i feel asleep on the couch, i was woken by police kicking the couch i was on, they told me rudy wants me to leave, i told them that man had a gun pointing at me last night, because i stated he had a gun pointing at me by law they really were suppose to remove the pistol from his house until a investigation took place and if so my mom would had been still been alive, that’s the beef i got with the police if you need to know. a week later i was in kankakee working for tikran jordan a self made millionaire for polystyrene for car tires and paints he developed i was doing taping and painting, cabinets, hardwood flooring, installing windows and doors, then found out my mo died of a gun shot wound to the head a week after i was removed from his house by force and i didn’t do a dam thing wrong other then give all my dough to my mom to by food as he was starving her, that amounted to $300 dollars a month.

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  2. by the way, thank you for liking my sketches or drawings, sketching and drawing or making a painting had been my way of reaching out and showing the beautiful things all around us everyday. i watch the news once in a while too. i read the news on the internet as well. not much yet i do, with a puzzeling thought at times. one time long ago i checked on the information aired and or written on in regards to televised news or on line news, i mean i called the places and or cross referenced the information being written on and found so many lies that is permanently changed my opinion and interpretation of broad casted news segments or anything else. i cant seem to write positive things lately because of so many dam negative things and lies i came across or deceptive ways how a few departments had criminalized people by completely unnatural unneded maloderous laws or rules only meant to protect people that have been keeping everyone down by stealing all their money whether in tax and or extremely over priced store things that ain’t worth a tenth of what they sell things for weather that be products and or foods.

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  3. you know what propoganda is right? thats what china was doing to all the countries while stealing intellectual property, causing people to bicker and argue and fight with each other as a distration while they were stealing the lives worth or men and women and groups everywhere, much of the junk the shipped to America or other countries is purpusly volumized plastics or metals that cause things to break easily something they know they were intentionally doing. too, the UN Councile needs to disarm china from all nuclear weapons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Jack? One of my claims of intellectual property theft, i performed my own investigation. you being a panel judge of WE THE PEOPLE, four primary ethnicity, here is one of my cases, a hand held tazer you can by at Smoky Mountian Knife Works. i called them up asked them how those are made, they stated they didn’t know because they had never taken one of them apart. I ordered one for $20 dollars mail order. i got it in the mail then dissembled it with the tools i had on had to see if the electronics was made in the same arrangement as the one i made in my dad’s tv repair shop. i wrote one officer about this that I’ve trusted, one guy at least and spoke to him in public. the attorney generals office sometimes doesn’t have the arsenal to stop the problems from happening or solving all the complaints that everyone has especially issues like intellectual property theft where inventions were stolen then sold to places and many many many of then was sent digally to china to have made when they didn’t make the stuff they were only a part of a process of theft. i took the tazer apart, i really did. i got ahold of my old man and stated what i found, sppokie to all my peers too including the AG. firstly, that tazer wqasnt meant to be an object to harm other people threw the use of a inducted dc current running threw transistors,capacitors and a transformer, it was meant to super charge a nicad battery that was a rechargeable battery because my round solar wafer solar pannels was taking too long to charge the battery, it was a experimental solar power car model i was building, if you could build the model and make it work you can build the real thing. yet, there is my problem, ioneof theproblems that happened to me as far as intellectual property theft. When i got the thing in the mail it read made in china, it wasn’t made in china is was made in America on USA solid hollowed gounds by myself!

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  5. sorry my typing is bad, i get mad, or upset, when typing at times, i have Grammarly installed on my pc device to correct my spelling yet at times when i write on things the sake of lack of wasting time to get the intell out there is more important then anything else. there are many of my flaws, TBI caused a problem in me with language. sometimes i just don’t feel like correcting my own spelling errors when i write, it doesn’t mean anything, I’m tired, and worn and needed help with my cases long ago, long time ago.

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    1. No worries man, I don’t like grammar nazis, I’ve always kind of felt like if you can get the gist of what someone is saying then there’s no problem 😁👌. Not sure that I can do much of anything to help with the patent theft myself, except in broad terms, covering China, which definitely includes their continuous theft of our intellectual property – sucks if that happened to you, massive problem. I kind of think we’ve been in full blown cold war mide with China for the last 10 years or so imo, at least, and we’re just now realizing it as a nation. Speaks to our strength I guess 😕 they were sapping it and we didn’t even (collectively at least) notice for YEARS.

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      1. Donald J Trumps first year in office i wrote to him as i was stolen from. it’s titled intellectual property theft buddy, patent theft might be something else, its defined as theft of one’s own idea. if you know how to do basic research on the intranet look up lou dobbs when he aired china was stealing $400,000,000,000 billion dollars a year of intellectual property from American people annually the past 40 years, alls i did was write to trump as a concerned citizen because i was really stolen from. the taszer wasn’t listed on the attorney generals form the walk in bath tub was listed on the attorney generals form that has a file number, the tazer design they stolen was really bad, i found new was to file by filing threw and to the people like the secretary of the attorney generals office told me to take it to the street, so i do and then i fill them in with enough information as possible pertaining to the paths i took to find the information i had. my mask design that i have on my site as a mechanical drawing and a made product meaning its prototype where I’m seen wearing it, being covid and all i wanted to help so i helped with one thing for free or a simple schematic drawing that could be copied and then printed out then physically made for self protection yet key is those that type to make one or their own once they begin to make them then they get use to it then there is confidence in making them then just save capitol and open a business to make masks then find a investor to help make more of them in manufacturing then we can print on the masks MADE BY PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN THE USA and get some glow in thedark paint and make your own sayings on the mask yet with glow in the dark paint then its a safety design and then has more worth.

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      2. i think i had a heat strokie sitting in the sun today. i walk with two walking canes. one cane pushes my right shoulder up where it hurts yet at least i have a sense of balance. i have TBI, filled out my Veteran forms way long ago and I’m suppose to get compensation all the way back to the time i first applied. I’m waiting ona booklet to be mailed to me. yet i cant walk normally, so i walk to the first bench and sit where i get attacked by mosquitos and other bugs and man at least that takes my mind off the gloom and doom type of stuff.

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      3. i jsut mailed a ltter in stating that infrastructure package should also have replacing the main lines and water stations and pumps, lots of the breaks in the main lines causes all kinds of under ground problems including sink holes from leaking water pipes that could collapse a building or lead to a sink hole, on my road we caught on early that was a cavern under the road the size of a half of a car, ordered an endo scope to be able to see under the pavement from the pinhole there was that shown a huge empty space under the road. ordered the endo scope from

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