Rand Paul Encourages Civil Disobedience Against Faucism – “They Can’t Arrest All of Us”

Styx re: recent statements made by Senator Rand Paul on mask and vaccine mandates, August 11th

Youtube removed video of the interview, then removed Rand Paul’s response to their censorship and suspended him for 7 days; both uploads can be found on his new Rumble channel. A press release (August 10th) on his website provides an account of what’s happened so far:

“…after calling out YouTube for removing a video he posted in which he discussed the efficacy of masks with a journalist, Dr. Paul recorded a video message slamming the tech giant for censorship and noting that moving forward he would be posting his videos to Rumble.com as well, where they don’t censor the news. You can view the press release HERE.

In a continuation of their commitment to act in lockstep with the government, YouTube removed that video too, claiming it contradicted the government’s official position. You can still watch the banned video HERE.

Not only did YouTube/Google remove the video, but they also suspended Dr. Paul’s ability to upload videos to his official senate YouTube account for seven days, which is a huge disservice to the thousands of Kentuckians who visit his page for regular updates on the work he does for KY in the Senate.”

What these social media companies are doing is illegal. It’s not confusing, it’s not complicated, it’s not even hard to see. These are civil rights violations, infringements on the first amendment; increasing involvement from government makes that even more indisputable but that doesn’t have to be a factor for this to be illegal.

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