Col. Phil Waldron: Welcome to the Information War

Phil Waldron joins Professor David Clements to discuss the nature of the subversive conflict America, and the world as a whole, is currently struggling through, July 27th

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7 thoughts on “Col. Phil Waldron: Welcome to the Information War

  1. that site, Inforwar or something like, infowar, one of their guys was at the january 6th thing in washington dc, he went thefre to protest as they had information pertating to the election fraud. they found that china paid dominion voting machines owner 40 million or some really loarge stargering number like that in October prior to the November elections in a swiss bank account, they had intell at infowars that the election was rigged, their pc guys in their areas just like many others in other areas. Yet domion isnt right wing anyway, their democrats. they call people conspiritors of the guilt they found and reasonably know people lack the skills to do basic easeqarch much less their own investigations of the election fraud that took place. i havent commented on it much as i was in the back ground just reviewing everything i could as i found it kinda starteling.

    irony, the people the people that cuased the frauds, plurality, in numerous ways in some cases through social media platforms besides prioviding dominion voting machines that was connected to the internet and did have modums in the machines besides the modums that connected to their administrative pc’s. they gave them machines with open vpn ports where they were able to change the electronic data in the machines, that is outside of the ballots. i came across a man personaly when i we went to buy my medical bed, was taking about a military truck design i was working on in a model and mechanical drawings that i have both of. Sitting there in fount of the man at matress firm, he was using a walking cane like i was, he began discussing the election after the election and began becoming kinda upset. he stated no one would listen to him as he had multiple ballots mailed to him at his home address. he called the election officals where he lived in michigan and they refused to listen to him in his sense they knew there was multiple printed ballots printed by professional xerox machines mailed to people at their home addresses.

    There’s many things, there was election fraud, that is why people went to the white house in the first place, some of them were police office that went to the white house on january 6th to stop the certification, the police get intell on anything and everything including from the NSA where edward snowden worked at that doesn’t have anything to loose as the American government was after him anyways its probable he sold tech intell or was doing it himself with other app people that made those apps for social media as facebook owner was sued in the senate anyways so their creating many distractiosn while they screw everyone over trying to get revenge for for their own guilt they was guilty of in the first place other wise neither case of eatheir person CEO owner of facebook or snowden wouldn’t had been in the news and in court situations yet those two know each other and both studied annylitics, he also worked for dell pc company, he is in russia, its stated russia has had been one of the places causing the ransomware. old news.

    Yet, dominion voting machines showed up on a laptop i rented to by from Arrons during the election, I was a home pc user, merely searching for a theif in china that stolen a thing i made out of safety glasses, I ordered one of them 10 years later that was last year that had to be shipped, ironically, from china. it wasn’t made and or designed in china, it was made by my self of the tech glasses they call wearable tech. here is the thing, once they find bright people that are creative they steal from them making claims to ownership of their own yet they sell the ideas to foreign adversaries, that is how they make their money in intellectual property theft, they don’t make money in billions just from creating a app or a platform for a os, there is more to it. once they had sold the inventions they stolen from a good citizen then they sell it to money companies to make to make it virtually impossible to trace to the first suspect.

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    1. You would sound more intelligent if you have someone proofread what you compose before you release it. It is obvious you don’t have a good command of the English language or sentence structure, and your posts are difficult to understand.

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      1. your probably right. sorry about that. that’s interesting what you’ve written, I’m part English. i pary when i submit to my publisher i don’t have the same problems as you’vepointed out. yea, i have so many faults i don’t know where to begin. i use gramerly a lot too, FYI, if you need to know. someone just like yourself stated the same thing so i loaded a program named Grammarly on the Cromebook i have and there are so many words underlined with a red line in need of correction i feel im playing galaga from the old days just to be able to pot something half corherant. Too, Sir, maybe im just too old and worn out i guess. i am a published author am unsure what my publisher went through during times of manuscript submittal. i cant even see the PC screen that much really, the pc screen gets blurry just like reading fine print or normal print for that matter with normal books or pereodicals or VA forms for that matter. yet, please note i fullly appreciate your critiizisum as it’s in a constructive manner i take it. I’ve had problems on other web sites where it was stated my grammar was really bad and that’s when i uploaded Grammarly pretty much so i don’t appear that stupid. Write some notes down, ill keep trying for self improvement, im sure everyone has faults, i know i have many of them, more then just poor sentence structure. i was making mistakes of when id write their when its suppose to be they are or they’re of something like that. really bad, huh? too i keep forgetting to space paragraphs. thank you for your input, now i know at least. maybe i should just stop writing period and just work on other stuff such as cleaning my own room or finishing one of my projects i began such as a model airplanes and or cars or even some of my paintings.’ too many things to work on. Sorry.


  2. yet i was floored. it was a Dell lap top pc i had, rent to buy. im trying to do my own investigation of who stolen my safety glasses invention that was meant for American Veterans, that time was when the election was going on. this is how bad it gets. a company by the name of Chicony pops up on my screen with Dominion connected to their site meaning the voting machines, the amount of internet activity dutring andor around that time must had been over whelming for the ip compnays. lines do cross, there was many home owners and other people with home pc’s that had unrelated relations with admininstrative servers to donion and or Dell pc company. im wring onwhat happened to me and what i came across, yet it came up in developers scripts, that was when dominon appeared on my home pc that isnt a voting machine besides chicony. so, what did i do? i wrote about what i came acorss. spoke about it yet it isnt something i normally speak of inp ublic and or at home. my at home conversations usually refelct my sever physical imparments and or the concussion i have from microwave rf same thing happened to people on thewhite houselawn after january 6th proably fro weather modifications and or a targeted russian microwave energy attack as the news stated yet recorded that on my flip phone too, then the people that was part of all the crap that happenerd their names began appearing in things such as that jeffery epstein thing yet one case of one famous person i dont knwo if a man like that is capable of what was stated he did. child molestation cases, missing kids of American familys found on jeffery ebstien island andor that was a fbi related report, yet they dont list everything in investigations anyways, too, there was a actual left wing democratic report in some site in regards to the sex trafficing found on hunter lap top and information pertaining to biologivcal warfare weapons that mike poppeo had to review with the chinese government as apparent that dude assulted two chinese women in china whiler high on crack or something according to report.

    For the benifit of the doubt, the aforementioned is all words, yet prior to this writing the physical events that dis[played theirselves from the information that came out a long time ago is still part of the internet.

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  3. Jack, i had a microwave rf energy attack that happened to me. was sitting in the corner of my room, was experiancing a sensation of a static field. i live between two microwave rf antenna systems, one is on jefferson street at an intersection by at&t and the other is in rockdale. my bedroom windows are right in the middle of each antenna system that is microwave rf antennas. when i began expeiencing a static feild around me, and knowing a static feild is eletromagnetic from my own study in phsycis besides electronics, i picked up my military compass from a army surplus store and looked at it. at first i was sitting in the corner of my room where there is brick outside the wall and of course some rebarb. it read truth north. when i alinged the compass between my two bedroom windows the magnetic needle changed pointing in the direction of the flow of current from the microwave energy rf antennas. I recorded a video of that. i can only make a seven second recording with the metro tmobile flip phone, i dont have the extra memeory for the phone being that obne empty slot above the battery terminals. yet i recorded a magnetic needle being altered all due to a microwave energy rf antenna ment for mainly pc communications basicly. i recorded the same ev ent went we went to the car wash seperate from sitting in my berdroom on my medical bed that pointed directly towards the microwave antenna that is south west and not north where north was directly behind me with the way our vehcile is pointed. my purpose of having a military set of compasses isnt nor was ment to measure microwacve energy rf flows that caused a concusion in me, it was meant to be a part of my bug out bag supply like Creek Stweart kind of love, oive ordered cool things from his site and from smoky mountain knife works and from interesting,, i oprdered a endoscope from budkcom at the same time the incident took place with the us postal mail in fulton county and never recieved the first endoscope and had to order another endoscope. a endoscope helps you see in small spaces and or around corners, the postal mail delievery was really bad during the election in fulton county, the post office down there the endoscope had to go threw where i ordered it. the polcie department found over 20,000 thousnad ballots in some warehouse that was suppose to be a part of the election yet it was found there was also tampering with the postal service by people that worked for them at the time steaqling packages and letters. i have a current claim, Jack, at the begining of covid she had me make medical masks in january of last year, made 35 designs some are illustrated and some are made with the supply we had and or if we had to go buy supply like from joann fabrics and or hobby lobby yet i was doing my part at making medical masks. i entered a contest with BARDA MAsk Innovation Challenge to try to win a $500,000 dollar contest, i pray i could had won that is a lot of money yet i came in 20th of onemillion people though the 19 in frontof me all had companys and websites to list what they had made, i only had flip phone pictures of what i made and or pc pictures with the cromebook and uploaded those, one of those masks i ended up mailing to the govenor of Illinois yet they never recied it in the mail and that was still around the time of the election. i shown a postal carrier a picture of the mask design, shown an offioce a picture of the letter and me carrying it to the post office mail box, i called the sate rep, they stated the govenor would had replied and they didnt, i called the govenors office and they didnt have me listed in their pc system for any package and or letter that was mailed to the govenors office to help the illinois people with a made in illinois mask meant for medical doctors and nurses, i used four purple heart veteran stamps to mail it. During the election all paths were attacked and assulted that had anything to do with the routing of information weather postal mail or by internet, very truthful. the bizzare part is i know they had a modum connected to the dominion voting machines and im not an inveestigator of their machines, nor part of any voter ballot offical aqs i was searching for who stolen my safety glasses invention that had a lead in china and dominion voting machine popped up on that lap top as if they left their vpn port open and i had no clue what a vpn port was at that time until i had to figure out what happened to my own pc, i went into settings and netwroks and my vpn port was closed, theirs must had been opened and when they were live on the internet with their voting machine there was a crossing of server information.

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