PA Update – Corman Attempts To Highjack And Stall Audit, Mastriano Dishes EVERYTHING

Senator Doug Mastriano talks with OAN re: the fight in Pennsylvania to issue subpoenas and kickstart the audit process that’s been fleshed out and followed in Maricopa, AZ, August 21st


“We are following developing news out of Pennsylvania where state Senate President Jake Corman reassigned Sen. Mastriano’s entire Harrisburg staff.”

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4 thoughts on “PA Update – Corman Attempts To Highjack And Stall Audit, Mastriano Dishes EVERYTHING

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  2. I think there was coverage on another thing where there was an election official that was diligently delaying the counting of votes to prevent votes from being counted, I’m unsure if that was a democrat or a republican, the news article didn’t mention what party they were with. I followed a lot of the coverage on the election fraud because it to me as an onlooker was part of the intellectual property theft that happened to me as it binarily happened at the same time meaning when I was investigating the intellectual property theft, the only reason why I was following the election coverage as I was at home doing searches using the intranet and a bunch of wild crap p[popped up on my pc. too, they didn’t match the id cards meaning the signatures to the signatures on the ballots. where a ton of the illegal printing of ballots was in only, my opinion was in texas as some jerk mailed me a bogus 10 thousand dollar cashier check for one of my paintings. i put paintings for sale on craigslist as I was told to advertise there. a meeting we had with society at the Chicago botanic gardens a long time ago they told me don’t sell my paintings for anything under $2,500, I took them for their word. I was the one the choose to advertise on craigslist at the time no one told me to advertise my paintings there. someone stated they wanted to buy it, sent a text message then mailed me a ten grand check in the mail using FedEx. the post office told me it was criminal in intent to use the post office to mail a bogus check. the police downtown took a picture of the check, the bank at first that I tried to deposit it in Chase bank after about three days they stated it was a bogus check and no one could tell the difference as it had watermarks and everything, had to pay a fee to the bank for trying to deposit it yet that was first before the police had to take a picture of the check. that was mailed from Texas. there are machines that can authenticate a document to look exactly like the document of a professional office and or a ballot and or even cashiers checks. the FBI had their input too. It’s bullshit man! i wasn’t even a part of all the crap on the news yet I was experiencing related things.

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