Interview – Larry Elder Breaks Down the California Recall

Ben Shapiro talks with Larry Elder re: the CA recall, September 7th

Re: myself and prbly more than a few Cali residents, we’re aiming to unseat Gavin Newsom and, win or lose, fight for a full forensic audit of the recall (in addition to 2020), meaning we scan 100% of the ballots or NONE, we look at ALL of the machines or NONE, we have FULL transparency or let the questions fester.

We cannot allow them to conduct fractional audits with pre-selected batches of ballots, they will conceal any fraud there might be or worse, will create the impression that cheating happened on behalf of the leading Republican candidate.

Democrats are already gearing up to pre-empt our call for audits and blame Mike Lindell, falsely claiming he compromised the machines being used in our recall. A handful of people on their side have suddenly become pro-audit and alreasy sent a letter to California’s Secretary of State calling for a fraudit. We don’t want the fraudit they’re going to try for, it’s a shell game and you don’t get to pick which shells to look under, they do.

FULL forensic audit or nothing.

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