Dustin Nemos: Anonymous Mics, Trojan Horses & Enemies at the Gate

The Silent War (Ep. 6099) hosted by Dustin Nemos, September 15


“IFBI Declassifies 9/11 Memo after Executive Order: ‘Puts to bed any doubts about Saudi complicity’.

Same as with the Trojan Horse – enemies within our borders are leaving the gates wide open – large sections of the border wall have been REMOVED AND LEFT WIDE OPEN along a heavily trafficked drug route in Southern Arizona.

More election fraud out of California’s Recall of Newsom.

Hot mic catches Israeli Health Minister admitting vax passports are about coercion. Veritas catches nursing home drugging patients into vax compliance.

Chinese warships approach Alaska.

Milley told China in secret phone call he would give CCP advance warning if US was ever going to attack.

Hudson, Ohio’s mayor gives an entire School board the ultimate ultimatum over pornographic education material given to children. ‘I’m going to give you a simple choice: You either choose to resign or you will be charged.’

All of this, and much more.”

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