Cann Con: Arizona AUDIT RESULTS!!!

Cannabis Conservative re: the media narrative on the audit results, honing in on hand recount findings exclusively with laser focus, versus the realities of the findings definitively indicating “anomalies” and “irregularities” (fraud) with ballots and exposing several felonies committed by election officials, particularly in the deletion of all data of the 2020 election shortly before (fake) “audits” were conducted by county and state officials, and again before election materials were handed over to the AZ state senate, September 24th


“Biden… won?!?! Nah. But if you ONLY read the MSM, you’d think that he did. Yes, the hand-recount was “confirmed”. But the hand recount was LOADED with illegal votes, phantom voters, and more.

Cyber Ninjas identified ballots 13x’s margin of victory as highly questionable.”

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