AZ Audit Volunteers Released From NDA’s Speak Out Re: The DISTURBING Findings

Citizens who volunteered to work in the Maricopa county election audit were subjected to background checks when applying and signed NDA’s preventing them from talking about their own firsthand experiences while work was underway; following the presentation of those findings to the public, the nondisclosure agreements have expired – these are some of their accounts of what they did and what they saw as they worked the floor, September 30th


“The people behind this video are individual American citizens who stepped up to help others hear the voices of our fellow citizens. This is non-partisan, and inclusive of all citizens, regardless of ideology.

Every one of our voices matters, and WILL be heard. Our elections are to be decided by US; not big tech, not big media, not big pharma, and not by anyone else, regardless of how much money they have or how long they’ve been in office – we WILL NOT be divided any longer. The non-disclosure agreements have been lifted…”

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