AVA: Election Fraud Issues With Verification Process In Michigan

Jacqueline Timmer, founder and director of the American Voter’s Alliance, highlights and briefly explains how Michigan election officials illegally gamed and disregarded the laws of their state as needed, particularly with the verification processes that are meant to guard against fraudulent ballots being stuffed into the count, December 9th


“They are constantly changing the game and rules and creating an environment in which they can win. Like a bully on the playground, you remember that one would constantly change the rules of the game to win in his/her favor.

Where do we see this taking place?

In the Michigan polling places, but most if not all the verification has been done away with. The two primary forms of verification are the signature ballot and bar code ballot, both with have been completely done away with.

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Given how much the soft language of “games” and “rules” is used in this upload I’d like to remind you that we’re not just talking about broken rules in an unfair game. That’s only a metaphor to get the point across; the reality the metaphor speaks to in each and every disputed states is criminality.

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