The America Project: Connecting The Dots

Patrick Byrne (The America Project) spoke in San Antonio, TX recently re: ongoing events through the lens of several models pertaining to systematic, strategic, subversive means of achieving regime change. The first he framed recent events around was the Bezmenov model, which breaks the process down into four stages, November 24th

Other nations and cultures have their own codified strategies to achieve this outcome vs. other governments, some of which he mentions, and it doesn’t much matter imo if you want to compare current events to a Chinese model of psychological, economic, and informational warfare or a Russian model, it amounts to the same thing.

Forces foreign to the United States, in collaboration with domestic actors in both public and private sectors, are engaged in an active, real time attempt to topple our individualistic gov. in favor of one that centralizes power, subjugates people, recognizes group rights over individual rights, and which relies on a perpetual system of grift and corruption to gain, expand, and maintain its power.

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