AZ Truth Tellers Town Hall – Election Fraud Exposed (Pt. 1)

Citizens in AZ organized by Gail GolecJason Funes and other activists on the ground came together on Nov 7th to hold a town hall showcasing and linking eyewitness testimony of from several firsthand witnesses of election fraud in AZ’s 2020 election.

This town hall features people who volunteered as poll workers during the election, who volunteered to count or watch as the vote was tallied and fraudulently recounted in the weeks that followed, volunteers who worked the audit in Maricopa, and others – part 1 was published November 19th


“The Town Hall was held on November 7, 2021 in Scottsdale, AZ, wherein the People had their say as to what they witnessed during the 2020 election cycle.

Those who volunteered to work the AZ audit, poll workers, canvassers and other everyday American Citizens were given a platform to speak truth, a concept that appears to be unheard of in mainstream news media these days.

Actually, they have not been allowed to question the officials at their so-called “Town Halls”, either.

Gail Golec and Jason Funes provide a look at what really happened during the general election; this is part 1 of a 3 part glimpse into it.

Download the entire Truth Tellers Town Hall Audit Report detailing the findings and the recommendations here:

Please share this video with everyone. There is so much misinformation out there; we must get the truth to as many people as we can, on our own, as we are keenly aware that the enemy of the People is the mainstream media and they will not report this truth.

Calls To Action:

1) If you saw something, please say something. I am collecting Affidavits to present to the proper authorities. For instructions and an Affidavit Template to fill out please click here. It is very important!

2) Contact Attorney General Brnovich at (602) 542-5025. He should sign on to the Lawsuit that is going before SCOTUS to review the evidence of Fraud on 11/23/21. We also want Indictments and we want them from the TOP down.

3) Contact Governor Doug Ducey: (602) 542-4331, demand a Special Session; we must decertify nullify this “election” immediately!

4) Contact Senate President Karen Fann and demand her resignation now, not in 2023. She has no intention of Fixing 2020 First – she must resign now.

5) Text J6 to 53445 to support the Political Prisoners in DC.

It is through the election process that We have a peaceful transfer of power. We demand that the Power of Our Sacred American Vote be restored!

We the People demand legal, legitimate and transparent elections and that must start with banning all the machines!!

Please consider helping to support this battle to restore the Republic.

My investigative journalism and activist role in fighting for freedom here in Arizona and across America speaks for itself. Voters clearly want legit, legal, transparent elections!!!

Thanks to you ALL in advance for watching and for your support!”

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