Pulitzer: What Does It Take To Overturn An Election And Has It Ever Happened?

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer talks with Sherriff Jim Root and Attorney David Shestokas and addresses claims that there is no precedent to overturn an election (false), that it can’t be done on a presidential level (false), and that even if it could, you have to work within a limited timeframe and we missed the mark (also false), November 26th

Part 2 is exclusively on Locals, and full disclosure, you have to pay to view “subscriber only” content there. I do, and I’m someone who never pays for shit like this. Ever.

I’ll tell you this though: it’s been worth every penny. If you want to save your money I’d still recommend following him for free on whatever other platforms – he’s on pretty much all of them.

June 2, 2021, WICS/WRSP: “Almost three years later, a recount for the 2018 Macon County Sheriff’s race shows there’s a new winner in town.

According to Champaign County Circuit Court Judge Anna Benjamin, the man currently serving as sheriff didn’t actually win the 2018 election.”

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