Gail Golec: Updates On Audit Findings, AG Investigation, And More

Gail Golec, citizen journalist, covers developments re: audit findings, what’s being done with them, by who, and digs into the lawsuit from Mike Lindell that AG’s in multiple states had agreed to sign onto and file a day before Thanksgiving (reneged, so far), November 24th


“Today I am covering the status of the paper analysis, the AZ Attorney General’s investigation, the need for affidavits, Lindell’s ‘Thanks-A-Thon’, the Supreme Court filing and more…

Please download the Affidavit form below; if you volunteered at the Maricopa Audit, WE NEED YOU!

Download the entire Truth Tellers Town Hall Audit Report detailing the findings and the recommendations here.

Contact Paul Boyer at and Karen Fann at and request they resign now, NOT in 2022.

We the People demand legal, legitimate, transparent elections and that must start with banning all the [rigged] machines!!

Please consider supporting this battle to restore the Republic. My investigative journalism and activist role in fighting for freedom in AZ and across America speaks for itself. Americans want legitimate, legal, transparent elections!!

Thanks to you ALL in advance for watching and for your support!!”

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