Biden Held SECRET Meetings With Press To Manipulate Coverage As Democrats PANIC

Tim Pool re: the Biden regime blatantly, corruptly pressuring news corporations to cover his dictatorship more favorably, December 8th


“Democrats are facing wave of retirements as panic sets in over the 2022 midterm. Biden officials desperate to salvage his image have been holding secret meetings with major news outlets to garner positive press coverage.

And its working. Media colluding with democrats is not new, its literally the modern playbook. But republicans are poised to sweep the midterms regardless and it has Democrats panicking.”

Re: his remarks on election fraud… he makes the assumption that people who know 2020 was stolen won’t turn out cuz they think their vote doesn’t count.

He’s dead wrong, and here’s why imo: those of us who know Democrats stole it also know we have to keep voting for at least the next four years if we want to prove it to the naysayers who still don’t believe, and if we want to win elections in the meantime.

See, even though they’re cheating high turnout can unreliably beat it, and can reliably expose it. We can gain ground unevenly, unreliably, at the exact same time we are working towards exposing them for what they did in 2020, and for what they do in every election thereafter.

We know they stole the two GA Senate seats in the runoff right after the general election. We know they stole the CA recall using the same tactics. We know they stole the governor’s seat in NJ.

BUT we also know a truck driver beat out an incumbent for a seat in the NJ state senate, and whether they tossed the VA governor’s race or not (make us feel like we can win without doing anything re: the fraud?) we swept through the down-ballot positions like wildfire.

Essentially, Tim thinks we won’t vote if we believe elections fraud occurs; he thinks leaning on that narrative (which is what he claims to view it as, simply a narrative) translates to us throwing up our hands and giving up, defeated.

My rebuke: if you believe it happens, you know you’d better get out and vote for the next 4 years cuz even if you do nothing else to help people like me re: election fraud, even if you want no part of this fight… your votes are a huge part of what exposes the cheating.

And not just in retrospect. By the time the Georgia runoff was underway we knew how they were doing it and were able to call it out in real time; it didn’t make a difference then BUT fast-forward to Virginia and New Jersey.

We called it out as it was taking place as we have with every election since 2020, ignored mainstream media, and put them in a panic.

I’d argue the victories in those states were a result of us calling out fraud as it was happening and Democrats deciding to give it up. I’m still not convinced we truly won the governor’s seat in VA, they had to do something to break the pattern to try to discredit people like me.

As far as I’m concerned they didn’t do enough so, I’m still going to call them out for cheating. Even in the VA races where we won, the pattern held; they were trying to steal it for days before they finally relented.

They kept the governor’s seat in NJ by cheating, but only just, and even that was an open question until the very end because every time something weird would happen people like me would be covering it and explaining how it fits the overall pattern of criminal activity.

They tried the post election ballot dumps in Virginia but still lost the governor’s race along with most everything else, not to mention other smaller victories we had throughout the country that day.

High turnout exposes them; exposing the same behavior on a long enough timeline establishes an undeniable pattern.

Sooner or later naysayers and shit talkers will have to admit we were right, and by then they’ll have realized that us knowing the Democrats and RINOs were stealing elections didn’t stop us from voting cuz we know it’s one of only a very few means available to us of proving they were and are doing what we say they’re doing.

And think about this, Tim is reporting on the Biden regime holding secret meetings with news corporations to manipulate and control their coverage of the economy. You think Biden and allies didn’t do that re: election fraud?

Don’t be silly. There was active and illegal collusion with media corporations throughout the 2020 campaign, and then all the months that have followed; just as there was throughout the 2016 election, and all the years in between. Proven.

Lack of prosecutions doesn’t mean shit given how corrupt to the Department of Justice has turned out to be, even while Trump was President he couldn’t get a hold on them, or the FBI, or the CIA.

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