Gail Golec Interviews Ken Bennett, Audit Liaison – Yes, There Were Fake Ballots

Citizen journalist Gail Golec interviews Ken Bennett, who acted as liaison between the AZ state senate and the auditors hired to investigate and analyze election materials in Maricopa while the audit was underway, and puts his ass in the hot seat, December 1st


“Interviewed on 12/1/21, Former Secretary of State and AZ audit liasion Ken Bennett joins Gail Golec to talk about fake ballots found during the Maricopa audit. We also discuss options for nullification and the violations of law that occured.

Post production update: the second manual removed by Randy Pullen was never given back to the volunteer auditor for update to the secure server. We do not know what happened to that manual.

Calls To ACTION!

We the People demand legal, legitimate, transparent elections and that must start with banning all the [rigged] machines!!

AZ audit volunteers, there’s a link below to download affidavits:

Go to to view the Supreme Court Complaint.

Email Your AG with 3 clicks of the mouse at!

Download the entire Truth Tellers Town Hall Audit Report detailing the findings and recommendations here

The AZ AG has this and 4 hours of eyewitness testimony to the fraud that took place in the 2020 election.

Contact AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich directly:

Telephone # 602-542-5205
Mail: 2005 N Central Ave,
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Emails to Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Recorder:


Board of Supervisors:

Karen Fann and Paul Boyer must resign! We need to fix 2020 first and that can’t be done with them standing in the way!

Please consider supporting this battle to restore the Republic. My investigative journalism and activist role in fighting for freedom in AZ and across America speaks for itself. Americans want legitimate, legal, transparent elections!!

Thanks to you ALL in advance for watching and for your support!!”

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