Biden Set To Surrender Ukraine To Russia, Corrupt Foreign Policy Is DESTROYING Approval Rating

Tim Pool re: foreign policy of Beijing Biden’s regime, December 9th


“The foreign policy failures have precipitated a collapsing approval.

While it may be necessary to avoid ground conflict with Russia, considering Biden’s past dealings with Ukraine its hard to believe these are noble decisions. Earlier in the year Biden waived sanctions on the Nordstream 2 pipeline.

Many called this a major prize for Vladimir Putin. Media in the meantime is working overtime to cover up a failing economy, inflation, and sinking approval.

On a personal note I really want to praise the move to distance the US from war in Europe but given the aforementioned failures, hard to see this as a good move on Biden’s part.”

Tim talks about these polls as if they speak to what people in general think… they can, but only if you analyze and deconstruct the internal “weighting”.

I’d agree foreign policy decisions by the Biden regime have dragged down his approval rating but not by losing public support he never had – no, I think the more he fucks up, the more he makes himself look bad, the more nervous the push pollsters get about pushing him so high above his actual level of support.

When you’re producing push polls you want a certain level of believability, and Biden is making that impossible for ’em.

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