Insider Information About The AZ Audit With Gail Golec

Gail Golec, citizen journalist and candidate for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors shares with the Republicans of Red Rocks in Sedona, AZ the road to the Audit, where we are now and what’s next, December 19th


“We the People must start showing up and shouting out – We do not need to, God forbid, Shoot it out.

We are on the right trajectory here, exposing the lies and the corruption.

Keep up the good work Patriots!

It is through the election process that We have a peaceful transfer of power. We the People demand We get Our Power of Our Sacred American Vote back! We the People demand, legal, legitimate and transparent elections and that must start with banning the machines!!

Please consider helping to support this battle to restore the Republic.

My investigative journalism and activist role fighting for freedom in Arizona and across America speaks for itself. Americans want legal, legitimate, transparent elections!!”

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