RED PILL NEWS – Jovan H. Pulitzer Describes Likely Bioweapon Attack

Zak Paine re: the attack on Jovan Hutton Pulitzer and several other patriots at a ReAwaken America Tour event in Dallas, TX, with several of them becoming suddenly, viciously ill, December 27th

In total 12 people were hit.

No one affected has tested positive for covid, though that didn’t stop Newsweek from claiming it’s what Doug Kuzma had – he’s dead now, but not from that.

The hospital and doctors took advantage of the fact that he was incapacitated (found unconscious at his home after battling symptoms for five days) when put in their care; they asserted it was covid and treated him for it in spite of his previous insistence to the contrary.

Then he died.

Draw your own conclusions.

It’s been blamed on covid; corporate news media has been very proactive and aggressive in asserting as much all throughout their coverage.

Bs factories producing bs imo.

Re: the doctors and hospital is that murder? Negligent homicide? Is it maybe gross medical malpractice…?


Presently, thankfully, he’s the only one to have died from this attack.

Attendees included Roger Stone, Eric Trump, Ann Vandersteel, Wendy Rogers, Joe Flynn, and several other prominent figures within our movement.

Lucky the scale of the attack was focused on only a handful of individuals in attendance, and that most of those who fell ill were resilient enough to withstand both the symptoms and the lies in the media, a stressor, simultaneously.

Security footage from the venue captured individuals, witnessed by Jovan, spraying an aerosolized substance on the food. They were not employees of the catering outfit hired for the event, though seemed to be posing as that to gain access.

Gloves and masks worn make it difficult to identify them but they were caught on camera and it’s being investigated.

To hear about it from Jovan himself you can click the word “attack” in the first sentence of the post ☝ to listen to a publicly accessible upload he did when he was beginning to recover, and if you click the word “becoming” in the same sentence it’ll take you to a Locals exclusive where he updated everyone.

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