Breaking Up Facebook WON’T Work – Just Apply EXISTING Law To ALL Social Media

Originally uploaded May 14th, 2019

…and more recently to Rumble.

Government institutions and officials collude with corporations to use section 230 as a means of subverting our first amendment rights. Never mind all the other bullshit NOISE about how to deal with them. Stop allowing them to do THAT, force the executive branch to ENFORCE our 1A rights and prosecute civil rights violations – when infringers hide behind section 230 force the judicial branch to ACKNOWLEDGE the reality of constitutional law superseding lower state and federal statutes.

You see what Democrat activists do to Justices they perceive as right wing – lol atm they’re showing up at the houses of these judges to protest.

Am I wrong to think (short of violence) they’re not even wrong to do so, and that these judges should be subject to the will of the people every bit as much as everybody else in positions of power?

In my book, tit for tat is fair play and so is accountability to we the people. We all have the right to peaceful assembly.

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