Johnny Depp Versus Bed Pooper: Crowder Asks… “Who Wins?”

Steven Crowder and half Asian lawyer Bill Richmond discuss Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard and how it relates to the overall culture war, April 27th

He’s fighting this out for his own reasons, sure, may not even give a damn about the cultural ripples of his lawsuit and how it’s been going so far, but knowingly or not he’s shining a light on the importance of due process and objective truth as a natural consequence of finally standing up for himself.

Also showing people they don’t have to put up with this 3rd wave feminazi bullshit, not in our politics and not in our relationships, and what happens when you do. It’s a dramatic, raw example to the public of why you should fight back in the face of lies, smears, cancellations, group think, deception.

Too many cower in fear of those things, he himself was a coward, but he’s showing all the people who have masochistically indulged in cowardice over the last few years that even if you chose to do so… you can choose to stop.

You can say enough.

He took the abuse for a long time.

And when he left her she decided to abuse him some more; he even took that shit for a while. Then he finally started fighting back in the UK, and even though he initially experienced a(n unfair) loss against The Sun… now, here we are.

He’s winning. There’s a lesson in there somewhere, no? Never take shit lying down, if you do get the fuck back up soonest and start firing back, and once you’re in the thick of it never back down and never apologize. Winning matters.

My two cents anyways.

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