Constitution v Wade: End of an Error…?

RazörFist re: the recent leak of a draft from the Supreme Court on an upcoming decision that’s likely to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, May 4th

Pro abortion psychos are throwing hissy fits all across the nation, pro lifers are beside themselves with joy, and people like me (pro choice) are watching it all with a smirk…

I’ve been saying for years to these maniacs on the left, if lefties didn’t come to grips with reality something like this was bound to happen. Now ya’ll got a dog fight on your hands coming up in EVERY single state.

Assuming this actually happens there’ll be no more top down governance on the issue – they’ll have to fight on 50 seperate fronts. And trust me, even in “deep blue” California they will lose ground.

I am reluctantly pro choice for the same reason I’m anti gun control, outlaw it all you want people will do it anyways.

Until pro life advocates have a scientific basis for life beginning at conception, and have won the cultural battle and made their case to the public with that scientific backing, pro lifers always will hit a brick wall with the public at large in trying to ban it. Think strategically.

The science is moving in that direction so despite the Supreme Court distraction catching fire, have some patience, imo the timing is off.

You’ll lose if you push too hard, backlash from normies – currently on your side of most issues, even if only a little – would be epic.

I get the idea of it being murder.

Even starting to agree.

Reality is though, a lot of people don’t see it that way so while pushing for policies you want, as pro lifers I’d urge you to mind the purpose of your free speech and use that rather than trying to dictate through law that your beliefs be adhered to by those who remain unconvinced.

Sure it might take years, maybe even another 10 or 20, but your gaining ground in terms of the science and getting a foothold culturally, your heading in the right direction to get what you want, don’t fuck it up with people like me by getting all unreasonable.

Frankly if I think back to 2015 and how my perspective has softened on this since then, all you need to do is keep your policies reasonable (to skeptics) and focus on blaring out your message.

In the free market of ideas, the truth wins out unless something corrupts the free nature of the market.

Keep your ideas in the public eye, don’t blow up any abortion clinics or harass any doctors, and fight savagely to ensure you can do so freely. See, that’s where the fight really is. If you’re right, you’ll win.

Pro lifers haven’t been able to do that for years, part of why I find myself on their side of the politics I think. And in trying to ensure their view gets a fair shake in the market of ideas I find myself more and more persuaded that maybe I’m wrong, maybe there’s no right to choose cuz it is definitely murder.

The longer I’m involved with the fighting over it, the more convinced I’m becoming that perhaps it is murder, straight up. I’m not quite there yet though and even if I was, I’d still remember… not everyone is, and many who aren’t… could be.

I’m proof. And to be fair to the skeptical, you’ve got to admit there’s a lot of shit out there downplaying the gravity of an abortion, normalizing it, justifying it, ultimately… selling it.

Please take care to distinguish between the devils who promote it as fine or even good, and the normies who buy what their selling. The former can’t be convinced, they’re doing what they’re doing for ulterior reasons, they should only be fought, discredited, and ideologically beat.

The latter can still be reached; I used to be one of them.

Promoting abortion as a good thing is sick, normalizing and advocating for late term abortion is fucking evil, and regular, sane people understand that. They just don’t believe that’s what activists and representatives on the left are doing. Where and when they realize, they don’t like it. I didn’t.

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