Roe v Wade Got Overturned – I’m #ProChoice AND…

…I’m stoked with the Supreme Court decision, lol let the pro-abortion Democrats try figuring that one out.

Makes perfect sense imo but they’ll never get why. And some Republicans won’t either; that’s ok, just know if you’re pro-life I’m on your side now and for YEARS to come; the lefties went batshit.

I said that on GETTR and a pro-lifer said to me only a demon would be pro-choice – my reply, basically…

Where lefties refuse to allow for the view of it being straight up murder, I try to help reinsert that it might be back into the conversation where, when, and how I can. I’m more and more inclined to agree that it is murder but even if I wasn’t…

It will be part of the discourse even if snowflakes don’t want it to be.

That in mind, do consider there are some who see it as a medical procedure, nothing more – believe they’re wrong, or they’ve been lied to, or whatever else, but that’s kind of what a lot of them believe.

I try to allow for that too.

Seems like if pro-lifers did that more they’d gain more ground culturally, normalizing their point of view among normies by making the case with free speech, science, and reasoned, persuasive arguments.

Gotta sincerely factor in where someone reasonable but (in your opinion) wrong might be coming from to be able specify the flaws in their outlook as you see them, and gotta let them work it out on their own. If you care about truth, trust yourself, and let them chew it over…

You might be surprised.

And to me, way it’s looking, science is on YOUR side if you’re pro life, I’d say take this win and let science and your speech do the rest over the next few years. 20 weeks is already a reasonable cut off imho based on scientific advances and insights re: viability and signs of objectively recognizable life. ⏰

Remember, not so very long ago even I was on their side; soon as I realized the realities just past the surface of my understanding back then, I was disturbed. And if I keep moving along the trajectory I’ve been on for about half a decade now, I might well end up pro-life.

Think I’m the only one? You’re winning on this long term and it’s starting to show in the short-term, thanks in large part to Trump himself; don’t fuck it up by getting all forceful and zealous about it.

Slow and steady.

My two cents anyways.

Not everyone has a thick skin like me, some will go into “fuck you” mode soon as you call them “demon” – that’s the reality you’ll have to deal with and the Supreme Court just put the ball back in your court for the first time in decades.

What’cha gonna do with it?

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