Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board…

Don’t kid yourself about the Biden regime’s #MinistryOfTruth

May 27th: “The Department of Homeland Security’s announced “pause” of its Disinformation Governance Board, 21 days after creating it as a “national security” measure, probably is itself disinformation.

DHS realizes that its 10-thumbed debut of this boneheaded idea almost doomed it, so the “pause” feigns deliberation while the department plots the DGB’s resurrection.”

That silly Mary Poppins looking bitch Nina Jankowicz was snappified out of a job cuz of public scrutiny and pressure from we the people BUT they just took it as an opportunity to shuffle the deck and pretend they were closing it down.

They didn’t AND one of the two guys they hired to replace her, Michael Chertoff, was instrumental in making the #PatriotAct a thing.

May 25th: “…the administration has announced former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick will take the baton from Jankowicz and continue down the disinformation track. This plan is no better than the first one.

Chertoff and Gorelick, leaders of Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ Homeland Security Advisory Council, have been tasked with giving recommendations on how DHS “can garner public trust surrounding its disinformation efforts.” What the left and the Biden administration fail to recognize is that it cannot gain the public’s trust regarding misinformation or disinformation.

Americans have suffered through far too much of such labeling and censorship since 2020 related to COVID-19, vaccines, masks, lockdowns, elections, and more.

The federal government, politicians, tech companies – separately and in concert – have developed a significant reliance on censoring content that goes against their narrative.

They’ve recently started admitting this tactic. Americans are right to distrust the administration’s future spin regarding disinformation.”

Even before the pause Mayorkas was lying about of it was intended for monitoring domestic speech of private citizens (it is) – and while he was claiming they had no operational capability the Board was actively working with private companies to implement and carry out (state actors?) the governance of “disinformation”…

June 10th: “On Tuesday, Senators Chuck Grassley (R – Iowa) and Josh Hawley (R – Missouri) publicized whistleblower documents that make clear that the Disinformation Governance Board, currently on hold, had much greater ambitions than we have been led to believe.”

From Hawley “In spite of the administration’s claims, the new whistleblower documents reveal:

The Disinformation Governance Board was originally conceived in part to monitor domestic speech regarding “conspiracy theories about the validity and security of elections” and “disinformation related to the origins and effects of COVID-19 vaccines or the efficacy of masks.” DHS planned a partnership with Twitter to suppress disfavored content and a meeting with Twitter exec’s exploring the concept.

The Disinformation Governance Board charter was drafted in January 2022 and personally signed by Secretary Mayorkas on February 24, 2022.

The document states that the charter goes into effect immediately upon the Secretary’s signing of the document. Despite the Secretary’s assertion that the Board had not yet begun its work, a planned meeting with social media executives appears to have been staffed by Nina Jankowicz.”

The agency is an attempt to consolidate and centralize practices we’ve already seen metastasizing for the last decade or so.; the regime seems to have no interest in abandoning the effort and even if they did, the collusion with (and/or coercion of) companies like Twitter, Google, MSNBC, Fox News and others is ongoing.

Centralization is about efficient management, and when they tried it what they do on the regular became so insanely obvious no one, not even Democrat voters, could deny the dystopian vibes… so they pulled back a little but they’re still doing the same shit.

Not openly having DGB just means they don’t openly get to have a hub to manage their disinformation operations; they still want one though and in the meantime they’ll simply carry on with a less centralized approach.

If you pay close attention…

Mayorkas openly admits this is an attempt to expand “best practices” through this hub to “operators” who’ve been “executing and addressing this threat for years”.

Kinda proves my point…

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