The Mandalorian S3 – Baby Yoda Cringe

Jeremy Griggs and Ryan Kinel of Geeks And Gamers re: one of Disney’s latest, biggest Star Wars fails, March 23rd

Our culture, and our stories, matter.

Disney is an active threat to that.

Americans seem to be realizing.

Still too few for my liking.

Gotta keep exposing them AND…

What they do to fans of the franchises they purchase and wokify, we need to do back to them.

Expose, ridicule, mock, demean…

And don’t spare the creators.

They make trash on PURPOSE.

Feel free to give them credit.

Look to the memesters and shitposters for grassroots anti-Disney branding and honest, biting, groomer slamming PR.

Light ’em up, burn ’em down.

Ya know… metaphorically. 🔥

Can we bankrupt the fuckers?

Only one way to find out…

I believe we (the pepe) can.

Should certainly try, imo.

The sooner, the better. 🐀

I mean fuck sake, nobody should want their children to go to Pedo World down in Florida, or the groomerland in CA.

Not only are those parks run by a perverse, corrosive company that’s become openly hostile to American values, they can’t even keep the rides going 😂 I hear tell their shit is breaking down all the time…

Anyways, end of rant.

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