Let’s Go Brandon!

Artist: Playboy The Beast… 👇

Released Feb 6th, 2022.

Standout Lines

“They say “Let’s Go Brandon”,

I say fuck Joe Biden.

I’m a real Proud Boy,

homie I ain’t never hiding.

I be riding with that .45,

Trump and the handguns.

Stand Back and Stand By,

That was the motherfucking anthem.

But now’s time to rattle these commies,

We gotta get active.

If I said it I meant it,

My statements won’t be retracted.

Demons coming for my freedom

You gon’ get a reaction.”

“Put your middle fingers up

If you ain’t fucking with Joe Biden.

If you tired of his bullshit

And you ready to be a lion.”

“We a threat to the Great Reset

So they don’t want us to exist.

They try to silence and pan us

And steadily lying on the clique.

The Proud Boys did nothing wrong,

For y’all my brothers from The Six.

So why y’all coming after us

Like we was looting this shit?”

“So now I’m here to recruit for his army

And make lions out of sheep.

Joe Biden is a dumbass puppet,

Kamala’s a leech.

All you Leftist soyboy fuckboys

Need to practice what you preach.

Sleepy Joe I’m tired of the lies

And tired of your deceit.

You need to quit making us promises

You don’t intend to keep.

Meanwhile Trump still put in work

and staying active, talk is cheap.

With these lines I intend to

wake the lions from they sleep.

Let’s Go Brandon – F.J.B. (partial lyrics)

A Few Other Tracks

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