I Do Not Comply

Artist: Bryson Gray… 👇

Released Jan. 28th, 2022.

Standout Lines

“Ring the alarm,

they want a needle in my arm.

Tryna’ do me harm,

I might disappear and buy a farm.

Require masks on planes?

I don’t fly, I do not comply.

Ask Kaitlin Bennett if they require masks,

then I don’t buy.

Banned me for my speech,

thought it was free, but I see that’s a lie.

Regardless, I’m fly,

I got a message for the FBI.

January 6th was lit,

ayy, I do not condemn

They said I love guns and it’s true,

2A for the win”

“I’m protected by the Most High,

not scared of a virus.

Talk about patriots on the 6th,

Ignore BLM riots?

And you know they trackin’ us,

(How?), on all these devices.

And they think they takin’ my guns,

well, I dare ’em to try.”

“Banned my song on Spotify,

ayy, and they wonder why.

I keep it a hundred, they just lie,

I do not comply.

I Do Not Comply (partial lyrics)

A Few Other Tracks

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