The Kenosha Kid

We all have the right to life, to bear arms, and to protect that life by any means felt to be necessary when it’s demonstrably threatened. Simple.

Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.

And now, because the modern left, including media activists, insist on demonizing him, people like me aren’t just going to make sure accurate information gets out when shit like this goes down. We’re gonna fucking lionize this kid.

Living legend. Even though what he did was right on every level, he’ll have to endure months of sustained effort by media corporations & their employees to smear him, and to distort what really happened on the day he shot 3 people in self-defense.

Not unlike what they tried to do to Nick Sandman, although in this case the stakes are much higher for Kyle.

Nick was slandered, defamed, but the Kenosha kid is facing what essentially amount to murder charges and all he did was try to protect the property rights people in his community, help anyone injured in the protest, and protect his own life when it came under threat.

And now, for that, he’s being wrongfully prosecuted. He’s the latest target in a series of Democrat smear campaigns which, contrary to the intended effect, have made icons, hero’s, and in some cases, sadly, outright martyrs of anyone they decide is their opposition.

This shit cannot be allowed to continue and what’s more, what’s gone on already can’t be allowed to stand. What I mean is, we as Americans need to unite and find common cause ripping away any hope they have of reclaiming the Senate and kicking their asses out of the House of Rep.’s on election day.

Failing that…

Well, fuck around if you must, America. Go ahead, hobble Trump’s 2nd term by empowering these corrupt fucks to undermine and sabotage his presidency and our nation for another two years; and just excuse, ignore, and legitimize all the crazy shit Democrats have pulled over the last 4 years. Tell them it’s okay to continue as they are. Riots, endless lockdowns…

Skyrocketing crime rates in the cities and states they govern, artificially choked off, strangulated economic conditions, cost of living increases, tax increases + add-ons, lost jobs, electricity rationed, wildfires blazing out of control, people dying, going homeless, unfinished infrastructure projects with billions unaccounted for…

Or vote Democrats out of the offices they occupy and keep them out of the offices they don’t. Help the rest of us vote these motherfuckers out, show them political violence and blatant corruption aren’t acceptable.

Show them we won’t stand for it.

If they retain any power whatsoever they’ll keep doing what they’re doing. If they gain more, they’ll take that as permission to up the ante.

They’ll take it as a sign that they can do whatever they want. It’s up to us as Americans to decide, is that what we’re going to tell them… or are we going to tell them to get fucked?