The Kenosha Kid

We all have the right to life, to bear arms, and to protect that life by any means felt to be necessary when it’s demonstrably threatened. Simple.

Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.

And now, because the modern left, including media activists, insist on demonizing him, people like me aren’t just going to make sure accurate information gets out when shit like this goes down. We’re gonna fucking lionize this kid.

Living legend. Even though what he did was right on every level, he’ll have to endure months of sustained effort by media corporations & their employees to smear him, and to distort what really happened on the day he shot 3 people in self-defense.

Not unlike what they tried to do to Nick Sandman, although in this case the stakes are much higher for Kyle.

Nick was slandered, defamed, but the Kenosha kid is facing what essentially amount to murder charges and all he did was try to protect the property rights people in his community, help anyone injured in the protest, and protect his own life when it came under threat.

And now, for that, he’s being wrongfully prosecuted. He’s the latest target in a series of Democrat smear campaigns which, contrary to the intended effect, have made icons, hero’s, and in some cases, sadly, outright martyrs of anyone they decide is their opposition.

This shit cannot be allowed to continue and what’s more, what’s gone on already can’t be allowed to stand. What I mean is, we as Americans need to unite and find common cause ripping away any hope they have of reclaiming the Senate and kicking their asses out of the House of Rep.’s on election day.

Failing that…

Well, fuck around if you must, America. Go ahead, hobble Trump’s 2nd term by empowering these corrupt fucks to undermine and sabotage his presidency and our nation for another two years; and just excuse, ignore, and legitimize all the crazy shit Democrats have pulled over the last 4 years. Tell them it’s okay to continue as they are. Riots, endless lockdowns…

Skyrocketing crime rates in the cities and states they govern, artificially choked off, strangulated economic conditions, cost of living increases, tax increases + add-ons, lost jobs, electricity rationed, wildfires blazing out of control, people dying, going homeless, unfinished infrastructure projects with billions unaccounted for…

Or vote Democrats out of the offices they occupy and keep them out of the offices they don’t. Help the rest of us vote these motherfuckers out, show them political violence and blatant corruption aren’t acceptable.

Show them we won’t stand for it.

If they retain any power whatsoever they’ll keep doing what they’re doing. If they gain more, they’ll take that as permission to up the ante.

They’ll take it as a sign that they can do whatever they want. It’s up to us as Americans to decide, is that what we’re going to tell them… or are we going to tell them to get fucked?

14 thoughts on “The Kenosha Kid

  1. You wrote … Even though what he did was right on every level. I have to ask — is killing another person “right on every level”?

    This is not a “Democrat smear campaign.” It is a case of an underage boy carrying an assault-style rifle (that didn’t even belong to him) to a protest and killing two individuals.

    Since little has been written about the two men, you may not be aware that one was 36 and the father of a two-year old daughter. The other young man was only 26 and an avid skateboarder. But because an over-zealous youngster who decided to “protect the property rights people in his community” and “help anyone injured in the protest,” both of these young men are dead.


    1. Are you really telling me that in Kyle Rittenhouse’s shoes, you wouldn’t feel “right on every level” pulling the trigger on people who are actively, right then and there, trying to murder you? They shouldn’t have ATTACKED a “zealous youngster” for protecting private property or, with the second attack (2 guys shot, 1 lived), for having defending himself from an attacker? These guys put THEIR OWN family through that, not Kyle, and kudos to Kyle for making sure his family didn’t have to suffer the terrible loss each of these three attackers were trying to inflict on HIS family. You want sympathy for them? They shouldn’t have attacked a teenager holding a firearm.

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  2. Hello Jack Sutter. I am Scottie from Scotties toybox. Nan sent me a link to your blog post. Here is my reply to her and you. Hugs

    Hello Nan. I am reading the link. So far this person is full of shit. I wrote a detailed essay post on the Sandmann stunt. I showed how the video shows him moving down and into the path of the Native Indian while his friend he was next to is literally jumping while clapping in enjoyment. Sandmann knew what he was doing, he was a thug kid trying to cause trouble with an old man, and his friends cheered him on.

    As for Kyle Rittenhouse he was not protecting his property, he went across state lines to a community he did not know, was not known in, to join with a group he admired that gave a tough he-man gun toting image of what real men were. He joined them because of what the group represented and that group had already discussed with the police driving the protestors to an area with little cameras so the militia could freely assault them while the police would not intervene. The problem happened that Rittenhouse went to a spot where he was told there was about to be some ass kicking of protestors, needing the militia to stand up to them, ( all of which was illegal for militia members to demand any reason or stop any body from walking through the area as they are not legal law enforcement. ) A guy was walking across the car dealership parking lot, Rittenhouse challenged him , which again Rittenhouse had no right to do, and the guy told him to fuck off. When Rittenhouse used his gun to emphasize his point of demanding the guy stop and give him a reason he was there, the guy threw a plastic baggy at him. No information what was in the baggy has been released. The baggy never hit or went near Rittenhouse, but being startled and primed for violence he took it as an attack and fired a shot ( some reports say several shots ) hitting the guy in the head. That is when others got involved. As Rittenhouse called a friend to claim he shot someone, which I think was rather boasting as that would not have been my first action after blowing someone’s head off. Others gathered around and charged him, Rittenhouse ran. Now an interesting thing about the law, if you committed an illegal act like killing someone you can no longer claim self defense to kill others in that jurisdiction. I did not know that. That is why the defense team for Rittenhouse must destroy his killing the first guy with no justification. That is why the claims of all these felonies for the people Rittenhouse shot which I can not verify. Even if the victims had been convicted of those crimes, it still makes no difference to Rittenhouse’s illegal action.
    Notice the claim is the first guy was a pedophile with a record for raping little boys 5 years old, the worst kind of human … and something that is not true as far as I can find. Again it makes no difference to the crime which Rittenhouse is accused of committing, he took the law into his own hands and by passed the constitutional due process to kill some people. Do 17 year old’s with a gun get to be judge, jury, and executioner? Not in the US I swore an oath to protect. Several times.

    Skyrocketing crime rates in the cities and states they govern, artificially choked off, strangulated economic conditions, cost of living increases, tax increases + add-ons, lost jobs, electricity rationed, wildfires blazing out of control, people dying, going homeless, unfinished infrastructure projects with billions unaccounted for…

    Total bullshit right wing media totally unbacked up by real data. The only thing they got correct was the wildfires due to climate change which they claim is a hoax, how can they try to have it both ways? Do Democrats some how cause fires by being in charge of a state?

    Or vote Democrats out of the offices they occupy and keep them out of the offices they don’t. Help the rest of us vote these motherfuckers out, show them political violence and blatant corruption aren’t acceptable.

    Has this person ever heard of the Proud Boys, the Patriot Prayer movement, the many right wing armed militias Have they seen the many videos of right wing militias attacking peaceful protestors exercising their constitutional right to protest, yes that is a right in the constitution, violently trying to force peaceful people to give up their constitutional rights?

    This person who wrote this doesn’t seem to understand the breakdown of the population in the US. About 30% are tRump supporters. The Republican party is a minority party. It has been for nearly 20 years and it gets smaller every year. The only way they keep power and their seats is to deny citizens their right to vote. That is a fact. Voter suppression is the only way Republicans keep their seats. So ask your self why Republicans are afraid of people voting? It is because they lose, every time. Republicans could fix this by reaching out to more voters, but the truth is they prefer their bigotry and their ideology.

    Everything I have written is backed up by facts. Facts are pesky things, but they are facts. It is a fact the Republican party is a minority and shrinking in the US. It is a fact the Republican party only wins and keeps power by gerrymandering and voter suppression. They are becoming an ever increasing minority in the country. That maybe why they are becoming ever more violent. These people seem to think they are the only “Americans”. They want to deny the rest of us, the majority our citizenship. I served in two different branches of the US military and I refuse to let them claim that. If they want to honor what this country is , what it was founded on, then they have to give all citizens their rights, and the right to vote. In that case the Republicans lose and will continue to lose. Hugs


      1. Hello Republican Woman. Everything I wrote was based on fact and reality. You use fear tactics and emotion instead of reason. I suggest you actually look at other countries and you will see that the US is not #1 in most things, not the greatest country in most categories. The US does somethings correctly, but other counties also do somethings better than the US does. You talk about puddle water drinking like the US is not currently experiencing a huge growing problem of food insecurity and hunger. It is staggering the number of people who do not have enough food to eat and no way to get any. Here is a news clip showing some of the problem just in Texas. Hugs


      2. What I’m telling you is that you literally do not understand the point that this man is making. Kyle Rittenhouse was running to protect his life. Maybe watch what actually happened, not what they show you on TV and you world’s see that he had a gun pulled in him. He was masterful in the way he was able to only target his attackers and was able to not hit anyone else that wasn’t attacking him. BLM is a Marxist movement of intimidation and bullying. They attack innocent people and try to convince others that we should feel guilty for being born white in Gods plan fit us. I’m not buying anything you’re selling. Please don’t respond because we will never agree mostly because you Sheri do no thinking of your own. Try doing some research. It wood do you a world of good.

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      3. I personally DON’T think ther’s info for “both sides, it’s not “relative” to where you’re coming from. Kyle Rittenhouse was in the right from start to finish throughout the whole situation. Flat out. That’s the objective reality as far as I can tell. If that’s inconvenient for some, not only do I not care, that’s part of why the Kenosha kid deserves to be idolized. He’s pure Americana, innocently doing the right thing, and anyone who thinks it’s wrong to do what he did thinks American values are wrong. What happened to him is one of the more obvious reasons the 2nd amendment exists, same could be said of the riots themselves in a general sense. I mean imho it’s pretty simple: don’t want to get shot by a Kyle? Don’t try to kill a Kyle. He’s a newly minted American legend, his tale a cautionary one for anyone else who wants to do what his attackers were doing. 😀

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