The “Truth” About The Two Parties

Just had a Democrat berate me about “the truth” about Trump.

My Re: was as follows…

What ‘truth’ do you think you’re going to reveal to me that 5 solid years of keeping track of everything going on, researching everything as I go every step of the way hasn’t already revealed to me? In 2015 I was a Democrat, I assessed everybody on both sides, and was disgusted with most of the candidates and mildly intrigued by Trump when he first announced. What really caught my attention early was the media reaction to him, smearing him as a racist when his speech was clearly being misrepresented. From there on out I’ve been researching, cross-checking, and questioning everything as I go. And doing that, thinking through all of it myself, and coming to my own conclusions… led me to backing and supporting Donald Trump.

See, the truth about Trump is he seems like an alright guy, a little rough around the edges, definitely a sleaze when it comes to women, but he’s ultimately a capitalist who doesn’t give a shit about your color, creed, or much of anything else beyond that you, like him, are an American. There’s nothing racist about him, or his policies, and even though he said some off-kilter shit over the years, he’s not a sexist.

What this chick was talking about was corruption, but she was laying it all at the feet of Donald Trump.

That’s total bullshit, he’s been in Washington for three years. All of the people that are calling him corrupt have been engaging in corruption for decades. She pointed to the Republicans who are against him as the good ones, said Trump era Republicans are dangerous.

She got one thing right, we are dangerous, but only to the wannabe fascists who seek to violate our rights, undermine our country, and rule over the divided, bitter remnants of what we used to be. If that’s not what you’re looking to do we’re not going to have a problem.

And lucky for our opposition, we really aren’t the fascists; the kind of threat we pose is existential, not physical. We’re not the ones going out and physically attacking people for disagreeing with our politics, that would be the Democrats and progressives, that would be antifa and black lives matter. We are not the ones preaching political violence as a legitimate means achieving our goals and pushing our agenda, that’s all going on exclusively on the left.

How’s that for some fucking truth?

And sure, we still have McConnell and Graham, nobody’s denying our party has problems. But we’re making progress, and we’re pushing back with individualism and conservatism, against corporatism.

The only ones pushing back against the corporatism of the establishment Democrats are the socialists and commies, and all they want to do is trade one form of collectivism for another.

Instead of CEOs and bureaucrats calling the shots in partnership in this mixed economy corporatist set up both parties have had going for decades, they want bureaucrats being the only ones calling the shots, and they want to be the bureaucrats doing it. So the only question is…

Would you rather fight the corporatism on the left, and align yourself with socialist and communist, or would you rather fight the corporatism from the right, and align yourself with capitalists, individualists, and conservatives?

Think about it, but not for too long; November 3rd isn’t that far away.

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