Leave The Left – #WalkAway! I Did!

Accidentally deleted my pinned tweet recently, which summed up a bit of where I stand in politics, and how I got there. Did that twice.

Had to rewrite it from scratch both times. And since I’m launching a new little venture (this site) I figure why not use it to kick things off.

America is in the midst of a culture war; this is a chronicle and tribune of the fight (as it goes) from my outlook as a modern Republican.

The party I belong to stands for equal and individual rights, secure borders, fair trade, opportunity, capitalism, and effective, coherent, accountable governance.

The likes of which have made this country great over and over at different times throughout our history, as it has following the election and under the leadership of Donald J. Trump. Feel free to join us in pushing back against the corruption, socialism, corporatism, and fascism of the Democrat party.

As for me, I’m gonna use this space to run my mouth, share some thoughts, make some points, tell my story bit by bit, and maybe even make a difference in the fight.

I’ll keep adding my voice to the mix in this culture war, share my take and articulate my values, exposing the hypocricies, lies, and corruption of the Democrats along the way.

Even if you don’t feel like joining the GOP straight away, subscribe to Modern Republican and give it some time, see if any of what you see and read here ends up changing your mind as more content is added.

Those of you who are already Republicans, especially the ones who joined the party in the wake of Trump’s foray into American politics… enjoy the ride. It’s going to be a rough, dirty fight to the finish.