The Day Kobe Bryant Died…

It was a pretty trippy day when this happened, first thing I saw that morning was coverage about the crash. Some of the news was decent, covered several angles of his career, reported on other victims, stayed respectful… and some of it wasn’t.

CBS caused some drama between Gayle King and Snoop Dog; the network decided to air an out of context clip from an interview Bryant had done with her.

It was a wide ranging interview, but they cherry picked a small sound bite on the rape allegations and played that by itself, like the same day he and his daughter both died.

Gayle went on social media to explain her side of it, saying that the network didn’t tell her they were going to play it, and that she didn’t understand why they played it out of context like that when the interview was so much longer and covered so many other topics.

Imo the only mistake Snoop Dogg made with his threatening “step off” reaction video was in directing his words toward Gayle King.

Frankly, I get where he was coming from, CBS pulled that shit before he or his daughter were even buried; classless fucking muckrakers.